Wellness 101 What Does Spiritual Health Mean Blog Cover

Wellness 101 – What does Spiritual Health Mean?

- By Tania Ho August 29, 2019 *** We hear this all the time – “Mind, Body, and Spirit”.  It has become such a popular term to describe what holistic or wellness means. Now, I’m guessing most people understand the connection... Read More
Respect With Comma Blog Cover

RESPECT with Comma

- By Tania Ho July 22, 2019 *** The Comma appeared in my meditation recently. What can the Comma represent? I asked. RESPECT comes to my mind. In a sentence, a comma indicates a break in the sentence. We use a comma to separate words and... Read More
Why You Should Pursue Your Dream Blog Cover

Why You Should Pursue Your Dream

- By Tania Ho May 16, 2019 *** Because – why not? Recently, I’ve met a few guests who talk about pursuing their dream. I have also seen people around me (and on Facebook) going after their dream. There was a HK vegan baking chef who... Read More