RESPECT with Comma


By Tania Ho

July 22, 2019


The Comma appeared in my meditation recently.

What can the Comma represent? I asked.

RESPECT comes to my mind.

In a sentence, a comma indicates a break in the sentence. We use a comma to separate words and ideas within a sentence.

In life, do we consider ourselves as a “comma” or as a “period”?

As there is more separation, division, negativity, violence, hate and chaos rising, is it really a “me versus you” situation, “us versus them”? Or are we still part of a whole, only separated by a comma but we are all part of one big sentence?

I believe, that before we are born into this world, separation begins at a soul level. But it’s not a complete separation. It’s like a raindrop falling from the raincloud. The drop of water is separated from the cloud, but it knows that it is still a part of the cloud or this body of water in a different form.

Neale Donald Walsch wrote in his book, Conversations with God, that our soul’s purpose is to express Divinity. Through our individual identities and unique gifts we are born with, we are able to experience and express Divinity in various ways.

The Comma reminds us that even though we are born with different skin color, brought up in different cultures, and may have different views and values, we are still part of one big “sentence”, so to speak.  We are still part of a Greater Whole.

Respect. What does it mean?

When we respect ourselves, we can truly respect others. I believe that whatever is happening on the outside is only a reflection of what’s going on inside.

Respect, to me, is to see the Light within others. Respect, is to accept yourself and others with love and compassion. Respect is to withhold judgment and to acknowledge that I hear you, even if we may share different views. Respect, is to allow others to speak their truth and walk their own path. Respect, is to be grateful and to hold in reverence for all that is part of Life.

What does Respect mean to you? 



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