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Flower Message: Flow as the Wind

- By Tania Ho August 18, 2016  My Journey with This Week’s Museflower: This week’s Museflower is reminding us to be light as a ‘fairy’. To flow and move as effortless and graceful as the wind. How to do... Read More
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How to Stop Complaining to Your Loved One

- By Michele Cempaka April 2016  Silence. “Honestly, I don’t want to complain anymore. It’s like he’s not listening to me. He doesn’t really understand what I’m saying. Does he still love me? If he loves me then he should... Read More
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What is TRE, Inner Dance and JourneyDance by Tammy Hayano

- Guest Post By Tammy Hayano September 18, 2017 What is TRE, Inner Dance and JourneyDance?   TRE (tension-trauma release exercises), Innerdance Energy Process, and JourneyDance are unique approaches that I use for self-care, healing, and... Read More