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All Museflower Spa Journeys include a 15-minute herbal steam session and a ginger and pink salt foot soak to stimulate your blood circulation.

During the foot soak, you will receive a short shoulder and neck massage.

After each spa journey, you can enjoy your favorite herbal tea in our spa garden, and take home a healthy spa gift.

The Journey of Spring

Spring is time to awaken…

Put a new spring in your step with this rejuvenating foot treatment.

Start with a Himalayan pink salt foot scrub mixed with locally grown green tea leaves to sooth aching feet.

Follow with a green clay foot mask to gently draw out toxins from the body.

Then our refreshing foot massage eases tense muscles and the final touch is a warm Thai fresh herbal compress to soothe and restore new energy to tired feet.

2 hours

The Journey of Summer

Summer is a time to glow…

This pampering treat for the skin and hair will restore a healthy, smooth shine to both your body and hair.

First scrub away your dull, dead skin cells with our energizing Himalayan Pink Salt Scrubssage (an uplifting combo of scrub + massage), then deeply nourish your hair with our coconut oil hair mask and a short scalp massage.

Afterwards a relaxing, detoxifying fresh herbal steam will let your hair and skin absorb the healing nutrients from our natural, organic spa products

2 hours

The Journey of Monsoon

Monsoon is a time to balance.

This relaxing Asian-Pacific fusion-style body and facial massage helps restore balance and calm.

Start with a Hawaiian-inspired Lomi Lomi style aromatherapy massage using long massage strokes that release tension and let the energy flow.

Complete the journey with an ancient Chinese facial massage using a traditional jade roller to relax tense facial muscles and bring calm and balance to your face.

2 hours

The Journey of Autumn

Autumn is a time to slow down…

A cleansing, pampering body and facial treatment to detox and de-stress the skin and face.

Begin with a detoxifying and regenerating Himalayan pink salt body peel to polish your skin. Himalayan salt’s 84 minerals will be absorbed and activate your cells.

During the body peel, enjoy a facial massage with a relaxing warm salt compress to stimulate circulation.

Finish with a long, soothing Star Massage to completely let go of all your stress.

2 hours 30 minutes

The Journey of Winter

Winter is a time to retreat…

This moisturizing body and facial massage is relaxing and beautifying.

Inhale the calming aroma of coconut oil with a warm herbal massage, where the herbs are lightly fried and coated with coconut oil. The warm herbal massage helps stimulate blood circulation, while coconut oil helps to moisturize and soften the skin.

Complete this sensory experience with a soothing facial massage using a warm sesame compress to relax and nourish your face.

2 hours

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