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Vegetarian Cuisine at Soul Food Corner

*All meals are included in the room rates of our Retreat & Spa. Some menu items may change according to season. 

We offer delicious, organic lacto/ovo vegetarian food with buffet style dining, three meals a day.

Fresh produce is picked straight from our own on-site Aquaponics system and organic garden, and we source locally as much as possible.

We offer complimentary ozonized, chemical-free pure drinking water, herbal tea and healthy fruit snacks throughout the day.

Vegan cuisine is available upon request.

Why vegetarian cuisine?

The body goes through a gentle detox when we eat vegetarian food and feels lighter without meat. Museflower offers healthy vegetarian food as part of a detox experience that helps cleanse the body, make the body feel lighter and more energetic.

For vegetarian travellers, it’s often difficult to experience delicious vegetarian food while travelling. At Museflower, you can rest assured that we can meet your vegetarian and vegan needs with the delicious flavours or our fresh, organic, natural green cuisine.

We offer buffet dining so that guests can eat as much or as little as they want, while being able to sample a variety of different dishes and flavours instead of being limited to one dish. Our buffet is created to offer a variety of dishes, flavors and colors to help excite the palette, stimulate the eyes, and therefore the appetite, so that you enjoy the experience of a healthy, nutritious and satisfying meal.

Daily menu


Oat porridge, hot soup, noodles or congee, kefir, almond milk, fresh fruit and muesli, one glass of fresh juice, herbal tea


Salad buffet, hot dishes such as curry, stir fried vegetables, omelet etc., local Thai dessert, fresh fruit and herbal tea


Simple hot dishes with salad or vegetables raw or steamed, fresh fruit and herbal tea


if you are an outside guest and would like to come dine with us, please make an advanced booking one day before as we normally only make enough food for our in-house guests to minimize wastage. 

Buffet Rate per person


180 THB


240 THB


180 THB

*Children under age of 12 will be offered 20% discount