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Museflower Retreat And Spa Holistic Healing To Help With Grief

Press Release - November 2016

Chiang Rai, November 2016

With Thailand mourning over the loss of their beloved late monarch, the entire nation has experienced a huge outpouring of grief and sorrow.  Grief is a powerful emotion and can have unhealthy physical and emotional effects if it’s repressed and not allowed to be released properly.  During the first days of the public mourning, citizens were sobbing openly in the streets, many still in shock and disbelief.  The authorities were well prepared, ensuring that medical services were in place to take care of people who were overcome with shock, anxiety and stress over the distressing event. 

Says Tania Ho, founder and owner of holistic healing center Museflower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai, "We need to allow ourselves to express grief.  Keeping it inside can have negative effects on our mind and body.  Energetically speaking, when we don’t allow ourselves to express grief properly, we create energy blockages and these blockages may affect our energy level and may even be manifested in some kind of physical diseases in the future.   Sometimes people don’t let themselves grieve and bury it inside because we don’t want to expose our vulnerable side and feel embarrassed to let others see us cry.  But it’s healthy to grieve. It is part of the healing process.” 

Tania speaks from firsthand experience.  She went through her own personal journey with grief when her father suddenly passed away in 2011. She was only 25 year old at the time. It was a huge shock for her family.  She found that focusing on work helped her move forward with her life, but at the time she didn’t know she was suffering from repressed grief.  She had developed eczema and consulted a homeopath who told her it was a symptom of repressed emotions. 

“The eczema was showing me that I was still holding onto the grief and anger about my dad’s passing, and a part of me actually wanted to go with him.  The homeopath gave me some homeopathic remedy and also Flower Essence remedies to take. During the consultation sessions, we worked on releasing my emotions as well.  My eczema did heal eventually, and I myself experienced firsthand the healing power of Flower Essences.

“My father suffered from depression, so I knew that healing the emotions was key to a healthy life. I attended a couple of healing retreats in Chiang Rai and fell in love with this place. That same year, I had the opportunity to join in a venture to build a retreat center in Chiang Rai, and two years later, Museflower Retreat & Spa was born. I wanted to create Museflower Retreat to be a comfortable and safe place where people can find help and support for emotional, mental, and physical stress, just like I did. ”

Tania says the process of healing grief is never easy, and it’s different for everyone. The most important thing is to give yourself some private space. Just allow yourself to cry, to shout, to be angry or to scream if you need.

Museflower Retreat & Spa - crystal balancing with Reiki with Watchararat Srichamroen

Aside from getting professional grief counseling, alternative therapies can help ease the grieving process.  At Museflower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai, various holistic therapies are available that can help with healing and releasing grief :

Flower Essence Consultation– Flower essence is a subtle yet powerful form of vibrational remedy. Each flower holds a different message and reflects on an aspect of life that you experiencing at that time. During this consultation, you pick two to three flower essences that will assist your emotional and spiritual journey. Flower essence remedy is especially powerful for healing any emotional blockages.

Crystal Balancing with Reiki - Crystal stones, essential oils, sound vibration, and Reiki energy are used on your energy fields to balance your energy.  It increases the harmony within you and transforms your energy to its highest potentials. The result is a feeling of deep inner peace.

Hado counseling session - Recommended for anyone who wants to have more vitality and energy, any specific health condition or feel out of balance. Originally invented in Austria and later adapted in Japan by Dr. Masaru Emoto, Hado Kaizen (Improvement) Program is a computer program that scans and measures your bio-energetic state, picking up any negative vibrations that are affecting your health, such as negative emotions, toxins or viruses. After that, your personalized Hado water will be made by imprinting the positive vibrations to neutralize any negative vibrations in the energetic body.

Says Tania, “I also find it helpful to spend some quiet time in nature. When processing grief or any other types of trauma, it’s a good time to learn how to receive help from other people, and to show our vulnerable sides to our loved ones. Let go of the belief that ‘I am not good enough’ and any judgment you may have for yourself.  Sometimes we feel that we must pull ourselves together and stay strong. It’s true that we must move on in our lives. However, do remember to allow yourself to process the feelings in your own way.”

If you want to help someone to heal from grief, Tania’s advice is “Let them know that you are here for them. Allow them to feel what they need to feel at that moment without any judgment. Simply hold the intention of love and compassion in your mind. That is already enough.”


About Museflower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai, Thailand

Museflower Retreat & Spa is Chiang Rai’s first all-inclusive vegetarian holistic wellness retreat. Set on a peaceful lake among the green rice fields and hills of misty northern Thailand, Museflower Retreat’s mission is to provide affordable holistic wellness and a clean, natural sanctuary for city people to escape to. The room rate includes 3 lacto-ovo vegetarian buffet meals per day and daily fitness classes.  Unique eco-friendly facilities feature Museflower Spa, on-site organic farm, fruit orchards, egg farm, wellness shop, lakeside fire-pit,  and Thailand’s first Himalayan crystal salt swimming pool.  16 rooms in 6 lakefront cottages can host up to 36 people and is available for rental to host retreats, workshops, training courses and corporate team building escapes.  Launched in late 2014, Museflower Retreat & Spa is already known for its delicious fresh organic vegetarian cuisine and as Chiang Rai’s premier holistic wellness center for the local community, eco travellers, and vegetarian travellers.

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