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Body / Mind / Energy

Yoga Nidra / Pranayama & Relaxation Techniques / Yoga of Caring / DanceMandala Meditation / Yoga - Dynamic Flow, Yin Yoga, Strength Awareness

About Eugenie Lenain

Originally from France, Eugenie (nickname Jade) is a certified Hatha Classical Yoga teacher (with module on Nature cure and Ayurveda) by Wise Living Yoga Academy, and a certified Dance Mandala facilitator.

Eugenie’s main intention for her sessions is to offer opportunities for people to develop greater body consciousness and create space for new sensations to be experienced. When breath and movement are in harmony, we are better able to deal with our restless minds and challenging emotions.

Pranayama and Relaxation Techniques

In this session Eugenie will help you learn about your habitual breath patterns, and train your breath in various ways.

As you strengthen the respiratory muscles, you allow better oxygenation in the body and this positively affects the metabolism of your nervous system. You will learn different techniques to energize, calm, quiet and balance your energy level and mind.

30 mins / 1,400 THB 

* Pranayama & Relaxation Techniques 30 mins will replace Hado counseling 30 mins in our 4D3N and 6D5N Spa Getaway and Yoga Retreat Package starting Feb 17, 2018.

Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation)

Eugenie will guide you through a sixty-minutes deep relaxation with visualizations.

An amazing tool to reduce fatigue and to induce calmness of the mind. An opportunity to develop greater awareness of the energy level of the body and experience oneself differently.

60 mins / 2,200 THB 

* Yoga Nidra 60 mins will be one of the Private Wellness Session 60 mins options in our Yoga Retreat Package starting Feb 17, 2018.

Yoga of Caring

In this class Eugenie will begin with Yoga Nidra and use the art of yoga to support you personally in any requested area of your life. According to your own needs, she will use different teachings of the psychology and philosophy of yoga, breathing, movement and relaxation techniques useful to deal with various life's challenges, such as anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, fatigue.

120 mins / 3,800 THB

* Yoga of Caring will replace Hado counseling 120 mins in our 8D7N Spa Getaway and Yoga Retreat Package starting Feb 17, 2018.

I did not really know what to expect when I signed up for the Yoga of Caring course, only that I was really keen to learn new techniques to de stress and help with my anxieties. I was however pleasantly surprised by the sheer depth and knowledge of what I was taught by Eugenie. I loved in particular how she took the time to understand my needs and customised her class based around them so that when I walked away, I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I had been cared for and I now knew exactly what I needed to do to help myself. Eugenie absolutely blew me away with her class - she is an incredible teacher, an inspirational person - a true a one of a kind.

S. Fowler, HK, May 2018

Private Wellness Activity with Eugenie

Private Group Class: (Min. 3 pax)

60 mins / 500 THB per person

90 mins / 750 THB per person


Private One-on-one Class: (Max 2 pax)

60 mins / 1,400THB per class

90 mins / 2,000 THB per class

Group Workshops by Eugenie

For groups over 6 people:

DanceMandala Meditation 90 mins

Wellness Activities by Eugenie

Yin Yoga 60 mins

Dynamic Flow Yoga  60 mins

Strength Awareness Yoga 60 mins

Hips-Opening Yoga  60 mins

Chest-Opening Yoga  60 mins

Breathing Awareness Yoga  60 mins


Eugenie will be offering her sessions at Museflower Retreat & Spa from February 17th, 2018 to August 31st, 2018.  

She is available on every Weds morning from 10am - 12.30pm, and Saturday from 9am - 4pm for private sessions. Other weekday mornings may be available upon request with advance notice, except Sundays and Mondays. 

Please note that Museflower Retreat & Spa is closed for renovation from July 23 - August 6, 2018 for two weeks. 


A min. of one-day notice is required for booking any private sessions with our practitioners. 

For more information and reservation, please contact our Reception from 9am – 9pm or email us here

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