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About Kanlayanee Martthuean

Born in Udon Thani, Northeastern part of Thailand, Kanlayanee (nickname Jang) has been working in the spa industry for more than 15 years. She started out as a spa therapist, and transitioned into a yoga and fitness instructor when she worked at Kamalaya Koh Samui luxury health resort. Since then, she has worked in numerous five star resorts such as Six Senses Spas, Jumeirah resorts, One & Only resorts, in the capacity of holistic practitioner and spa trainer. Jang has consistently been the top most requested spa practitioner wherever she goes.

Jang is passionate about teaching and training wellness and yoga therapies. She has decided to join Museflower Retreat & Spa as Spa and Wellness trainer since May 2016, where she hopes to share her knowledge in aligning the body and mind back into balance.  She believes when the physical body is healthy, everything will flow.

Khun Jang is our resident Spa & Wellness Trainer, and is generally available daily except Wednesdays.

Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal) Massage

A detoxifying and stimulating massage focusing on the abdomen area, unlocking emotional and energetic blockages stored in the internal organs.

Benefits: relieve stress, improve digestion system

60 mins / 2,200 THB

90 mins / 2,700 THB 

Body Alignment Massage

Combining many years of experiences in bodywork and various modalities, Jang will first consult with what your needs are and customize a massage that is most suitable for you to help aligning your body and mind back into balance.

Jang is trained in Trigger Points Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Ayurvedic Massages, Gua sa, Reflexology, Cupping, Reiki, Aroma Massages, and Body & Facial Treatment.

60 mins / 2,200 THB 

90 mins / 2,700 THB


This class enhances your ability to breathe with ease enabling your body functions to perform better and your busy mind to calm down and relax.

Private group: (min. 3 people) 45 mins / 500 THB per person

Private one-on-one: (max. 2 people) 45 mins / 1,400 THB per class

Body Alignment Yoga

Jang is trained in various yoga modalities and is an avid yoga practitioner herself. Whether you prefer a more meditative or dynamic class, she will customize the class based on your needs and experience.

Private group: (min. 3 people)

Hatha Yoga 60 mins / 500 THB per person

Vinyasa Flow 90 mins / 750 THB per person


Private one-on-one: (max. 2 people)

Hatha Yoga 60 mins / 1,400 THB  per class Vinyasa Flow 90 mins / 2,000 THB  per class

Retreats by Kanlayanee

Personal Retreat with Jang / Museflower Team

Available upon request. Kindly email us directly here for consultation.

Group Workshops by Kanlayanee

Apr 1, 2018: Museflower Self-Care Workshop: How to Practice Yoga Safely (program details coming soon)


For groups over 6 people:

Massage Workshop (basic) 45 mins 

Massage Workshop (advanced for practitioners only) 60mins/ and up  

DIY Spa product class 30 - 45 mins 

Wellness Activities by Kanlayanee

Pranayama 30 mins

Abs, Butt, Thighs 60 mins

Stretching 60 mins

Vinyasa Yoga 60 mins

Hatha Yoga 60 mins

Body Balance 60 mins 

Pilates 60 mins

DIY Spa product class 30 mins


Khun Jang is generally available daily except Wednesdays.


February 4 - 14

June 1 - 11: K. Jang will be in Hong Kong offering her sessions for some days

July 23 - August 6 (Museflower is closed for renovation)


A min. of one-day notice is required for booking any private sessions with our practitioners. 

For more information and reservation, please contact our Reception from 9am – 9pm or email us here.

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