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About Nikki Kachum - Local Practitioner

Originally from England, Nikki and her family moved to Chiang Rai in 2012 from Bangkok. She is trained in both Pilates on the Mat and Apparatus and has been teaching now for 10 years. Through Pilates, she enjoys being part of her clients’ transformation into happier and lighter beings.

As a certified health coach and Pilates teacher, she helps women of all ages to identify healthy lifestyle options not to merely survive, but to thrive and live life fully with confidence and clarity.

Nikki is a freelance practitioner based in Chiang Rai, and is generally available on Mondays and Wednesdays afternoons.

Private Pilates Session

A one on one class that is tailored specifically to the needs of the client. This is a perfect way to really understand the core principles of Pilates and ensure that the correct muscles are being used the whole time and alignment is good. Small props will also be used in this class.

All levels are welcome!

60 mins / 1,200 THB per class (max. 2 people)

90 mins / 1,800 THB per class (max. 2 people)

Group Pilates Class

This group mat class will include a balance of strengthening, toning and stretching for all the muscle groups. While Pilates is particularly known for

its core strengthening, it's is also a wonderful way to build strength and tone in the legs, arms and back.

The class can be tailored depending on the ability of each person. Small props may also be used.

All levels are welcome! 

60 mins / 500THB per person (min. 3 people)

One-on-One Health Coaching

During your health coaching session with Nikki, you will begin by looking at your personal health history and what may be blocking you from reaching your full wellness potential.

These blocks may be diet, emotional or lifestyle related (or all three), and together we will look at ways to rebalance these areas and therefore improve your sense of wellbeing, energy levels and vitality.

As no two people are the same, every session is grounded in the concept of bio individuality.

A lifestyle and diet that allows one person to thrive may not work at all for someone else, therefore all nutrition and lifestyle advice is tailored to your individual needs and where you are in your own health journey.

60 mins / 2,000 THB

Wellness Activities by Nikki

Pilates Mat 60 mins - every Monday at 4 - 5pm


Nikki is generally available in the afternoons of Mondays and Wednesdays.


A min. of one-day notice is required for booking any private sessions with our practitioners. 

For more information and reservation, please contact our Reception from 9am – 9pm or email us here.

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