Sep 19 Museflower Self-Care Workshop: Journey into the Womb Chakra (Women Only)

September 15 & 16, 2019

Facilitated by: Watchararat Srichamroen (A)

This Workshop Is For You If You Like To:

~ Embrace your own feminine side without judgment

~ Be more confident with expressing your true self, physically and emotionally

~ Release any fears you carry around your Womb Chakra

~ Attract more soul-to-soul connections based on unconditional love

~ Connect with others in a soulful sacred space

Workshop Price: 4,900 THB per person (8.5 hours)

Farm to Table Workshop

All-Year Round

Learn how to prepare delicious and fresh vegetarian Thai food at home.

Nourish your Body, Nourish the Earth.

Come to Museflower Retreat’s on-site organic farm and Soul Food Corner, where we’ll teach you how to produce the whole Farm-to-Table cycle!

Workshop Price: 1,800 THB per person (1.5 hours)