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May 18 Museflower Self-Care Workshop: How to Keep Your Gut Healthy with Fermented Food & More

May 27, 2018

Facilitated by: Nikki Kachum 

Do you know our gut health affects our quality of life and emotions? 

In this modern era, maintaining a healthy digestive system is more important than ever. On a daily basis, we are exposed to many different things that can damage our gut, such as chemicals in our environment and our food, different medications (particularly the overuse of antibiotics), and chronic stress.

An unhealthy gut is related to many health-related issues, such as mental health, hormonal issues, and autoimmune diseases. Gut infections can cause all sorts of nutrient deficiencies and neurotoxins which can drastically affect our quality of life and emotions. 

It is empowering to know that there are many things we can do to improve our gut health in simple traditional ways. In this workshop we will explore not only habits and food to avoid, but more importantly, all the simple things you can add in to have a thriving gut. 

Workshop Price: 1,900 THB per person (2 hours)

Hong Kong June 2 - 7 2018: Visiting Practitioner Kanlayanee Martthuean (Jang)

June 2 -7, 2018

Kanlayanee Martthuean (Jang) is Offering her Signature Body Alignment Massage in Hong Kong from June 2 - 7, 2018. Museflower Hong Kong guests and friends can now experience a session with her in Central, Hong Kong. 

Body Alignment Massage: Combining many years of experiences in bodywork and various modalities, Jang will first consult with what your needs are and customize a massage that is most suitable for you to help aligning your body and mind back into balance.

60 mins / 950 HKD

90 mins / 1,425 HKD

*Museflower Repeater Guest Benefit: Enjoy a 10% discount from the prices above.

Farm to Table Workshop

All-Year Round

Learn how to prepare delicious and fresh vegetarian Thai food at home.

Nourish your Body, Nourish the Earth.

Come to Museflower Retreat’s on-site organic farm and Soul Food Corner, where we’ll teach you how to produce the whole Farm-to-Table cycle!

Workshop Price: 1,800 THB per person (1.5 hours)

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