Wellness Class Introduction

Scheduled group classes are available on a daily basis, such as yoga, QiGong, Pilates, guided cycling tours, etc.

Please refer to our activity schedule upon arrival for the location of these classes and prices.

Please reserve your spot in advance at the Reception as we have limited spaces for some classes and the booking is honored on a first come first serve basis.

Our yoga retreat guests have priority to join the morning yoga, meditation and afternoon yoga class. Other guests may join depending on availability. If there are no yoga retreat guests, morning yoga, morning meditation, and afternoon yoga class would be canceled.

Bi-Weekly Wellness Activity Schedule

Advanced reservations are required with classes marked with ☺. First come first serve. Meeting point at Lobby or informed otherwise. All classes may change without prior notice.

Please note that the wellness activity schedule may change without prior notice. The most updated version of the schedule will be given to you upon check-in.


Private Wellness Class Price List 2019

All wellness activities are subject to availability.

Private one-on-one (max. 2 people) @ 1,400 THB / class

Private group (min. 3 people) @ 500 THB / person

To join the scheduled wellness activity @ 500 THB / person

Please inquire and reserve in advance at our Reception or email us at [email protected]

Reception is open daily from 9am – 9pm.

*Price is all inclusive of government taxes. Please note that no service charge is levied.

If you enjoy the services of our team, kindly leave them a gratuity at the Reception.

Activity Description Private One-on-One (Max 2 people) Private Small Group (Min. 3 people) Private Large Group (10 – 15 people)
Private Guided Cycling Tour 60 mins (max 8 people) 1,400 THB per class 500 THB per person n/a
Private Cooking Demonstration 45 mins (max 6 people) 1,400 THB per class 500 THB per person (Max. 6 people) Please book our Farm-to-Table Cooking WS
Farm-to-Table Cooking Workshop 1.5 hours (max. 18 people) 1,800 THB per person 1,800 THB per person 1,800 THB per person
Private DIY Product Class 45 mins 1,400 THB per class 500 THB per person 4,000 THB per class
Private Introduction to Energy Healing Class 60 mins 1,400 THB per class 500 THB per person 4,000 THB per class
Private Shamanic Journey Circle 60 mins 1,400 THB per class 500 THB per person 4,000 THB per class
Private Wellness Activities (as listed on the schedule) 1,400 THB per class 500 THB per person Please inquire
Organic Farm Tour Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary

Bicycle for Rent

Want to go cycling around the beautiful lake and rice field area in the Chiang Rai countryside? We have bicycles for rent (up to 8 people) for half day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours), so our guests can enjoy the natural surroundings.

For bicycle rental, we require our guests to sign a waiver form before taking the bicycle outside. We strongly recommend our guest to use a helmet. Please contact our Reception.

Rental Period Price per Bicycle
Half Day (~4 hours) 60 THB
Full Day (~ 8 hours) 100 THB

Level of Challenge

* = Refreshing

** = Energizing

*** = Sweating

🙂 = Reservation Required

Complimentary Farm Tour

Our organic Thai farm and aquaponics area cover about four rais of our property. We also raise our own ducks for fresh duck eggs. Our goal is to be self-sustainable and be able to feed ourselves with the vegetables and fruits that we plant.

Guests can pick up fresh duck eggs with our kitchen team in the morning after breakfast (depending on season). Please inquire at our Reception to schedule a complimentary tour.

Hatha Yoga / Chi Yoga / Yoga with Props **

Start off or cool down the day with a series of gentle yoga postures and stretching  to leave you energized and refreshed.

5 Elements Mudra / Dynamic / Mindfulness Meditation *

Experience different forms of meditation, whether by sitting, walking, dancing, chanting, all to re-connect with your soul within.

Pranayama (Yogic breathing) *

This class enhances your ability to breathe with ease enabling your body functions to perform better and your busy mind to calm down and relax.

Nature Mandala *

Connect with yourself and nature by creating your own natural Mandala with materials from Nature only. A meditative and fun exercise to restore a sense of wholeness.

Tai Chi / Qi Gong **

Tai Chi is the Chinese healing art emphasizing mindful movements, focusing on physical posture, and harmonizing chi flow in the body.

Guided Cycling Tour ***

No better way to exercise while enjoying the northern Thai scenery around our area.  You’ll get to visit our nearest lake and local village in Chiang Rai.

*Please wear your sport shoes to class (not suitable for beginners).

Stretching **

Learn how to release stiffness of your body with the easy-to-follow stretching techniques.

Function Training ***

Function training is a program decided to blend various training modes to maximize muscular activation, build strength, increase metabolic rate, improve functionally and mobility. In order to perform the activities of daily life more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury.

Cooking Demonstration *

Learn how to prepare easy Thai dishes and vegetable dips to recreate the Museflower vegetarian food experience back home.

Food Carving Class *

Learn how to carve vegetables to decorate your own meals, wowing your guests (and yourself).

D.I.Y Classes *

Learn how to prepare your own body scrub, facial mask, Thai herbal compress, or more. You will be surprised how easy it is to with all natural ingredients.

Massage Workshop *

Learn some easy self-massage or couple massage techniques to use at home.

Heal Your Water Within by Tania *

Learn about the research behind the Message of Water (how the energy of water is changed when exposed to different vibrations), and simple tools and meditations to heal our water within.

Intro to Energy Healing by Tania *

Energy healing can promote well-being by helping to release energy blockages. Experience how energy healing works and anyone can do it!

Intro to Meditation by Tania *

Learn the concept and basics of meditation and how easy it is to implement in our daily lives.

Flower Message Meditation by Tania *

Each flower has a different story. Each flower corresponds to a certain topic of life. Meditate with a flower that you resonate with and learn what wisdom flower shares!

Shamanic Journey Circle by Tania *

A Shamanic journey is a type of meditation, where you can journey to the Upper World to meet your spirit guides or Lower World to meet your power animals. Through Shamanic journey, you will receive guidance and messages regarding your daily life.

Chanting Meditation by Tania *

The sound vibrations from chanting sacred mantras can help to massage our inner organs and start to awaken our energy flow. Chanting transcends all senses and can take us beyond time and space. It helps us to express our voices and one does not need to sing well to chant. You can sing as softly or as loudly as you wish; all it matters is that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Sutra-copying Meditation by Tania *

Copying Buddhist scriptures (sutras) has been a popular practice in East Asia as a form of meditation and a devotional act. One doesn’t have to be a Buddhist to experience this type of meditation. In this class, we will learn to quiet our minds, observe our thoughts and tune in our intuition through sutra-copying.

Yin Yoga by Eugenie **

A calming, slow pace class where you learn to move into stillness. A great chance to take the time to observe and feel. Adapted to all levels.

Dynamic Flow Yoga by Eugenie ***

Emphasis on synchronising the movement and the breath. Experiencing the movement, the flow as a meditation. Focus on neuro-muscular coordination, balance and concentration. Adapted to all levels.

Strength Awareness Yoga by Eugenie ***

Emphasis on positions that require the use of body’s physical and mental strength. A class that improve vital capacity and energy level. A great opportunity to develop confidence and will power. Adapted to all levels.

Hips-Opening Yoga by Eugenie **

A sequence adapted for a deep work on the hips joints and lower back. A great class to improve your sitting meditation posture and to release physical and mental tensions held in the area of the lower body.

Chest-Opening Yoga by Eugenie **

Emphasis on the upper body and its capacity to open up and breath. A great class to release tensions built up in the shoulders, to open the chest, the heart area, and increase lungs capacity.

Breathing Awareness Yoga by Eugenie **

Breathing techniques and yoga positions for the training of the breath and to help manage stress, anxiety, sleeping issues, and emotional distress.

Dark Moon / Full Moon Special Evening Classes

Dark Moon is a powerful time for planting seeds and manifesting what you want to create in your life. Take this chance to start ‘new’ with a lighter body by joining our special dark moon classes. Or take a pen and paper and write down what you want in your life to start planting the “dream seed”.

Full Moon is a powerful time for letting go and releasing anything that does not serve our higher purpose anymore. Join our special full moon classes to amplify this energy of full moon together, or use this chance to release your wishes to the Universe and let go of your attachment to the outcome.