By Tania Ho

April 8, 2020


Congratulations! You have completed the 7-day chakra home retreat challenge and now welcome to Day 8!

Wait what? What Day 8?

Day 8 and beyond is all about integration. Now that you have completed the chakra home retreat, your journey doesn’t end here. In fact, it has only begun.

How can you bring what you have learned and experienced in the past week and incorporate into your daily routine?

Do you notice any difference in your physical body, your emotional and mental state, and your spiritual well being from Day 1 to today? What do you notice? What was the most challenging part of this retreat? What was the most rewarding? What practices or themes resonated with you? What did you resist? What did you realize? What did you learn about yourself?

Ask yourself honestly, without judgment and criticism. Take some time today to do some journaling and write down your thoughts.

How can you move forward In your life now? What changes do you want to incorporate? What new habits do you want to form? What made you feel good, feel like you are living as a better version of yourself?

There are no right or wrong answers. You are the co-creator of your life, and you are free to create the life that you are living now.

Stay committed to your spiritual practices. I strongly believe that our daily spiritual practices are the foundation to cultivate our heaven on Earth.

Trust, surrender, and allow your intuition and the Universe to show you the guidance needed, the next step.

Thank you for joining the 7-day chakra home retreat challenge. I am truly honored that you have entrusted me to partake this journey with me. As always, if you have any questions, feedback, or any sharing, feel free to email me here.

I wish you well.

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About Tania Ho


Museflower founder and owner Tania Ho is a Hong Kong native who now makes her home at the retreat in Chiang Rai, where she is actively involved in all aspects of running the property.

Tania is trained in a number of holistic therapies including Bach Flower Remedies, Hado Counseling, Magnified Healing and Reiki.  She serves as an intuitive healer and retreat facilitator to help guide people back to their center. She currently offers private Soul Card Reading and Intuitive Healing sessions, and teaches various wellness classes and workshops at Museflower Retreat & Spa.

Museflower Retreat & Spa provides a quiet space for city people who feel stressed out, disconnected and tired an opportunity to get away, slow down and learn to reconnect to themselves again. To receive a free 500THB credit voucher to use towards your next retreat or spa booking at Museflower, subscribe to our newsletter and claim your free gift here.

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