Farm-to-Table Cooking Workshop 90mins

Learn how to prepare delicious and fresh vegetarian food at home.
Nourish your Body, Nourish the Earth.
What does Farm-to-Table actually mean?
It means cooking with produce that is the freshest, most flavorful and most nutritious because it’s picked straight off the farm and onto your table.

Come to Museflower Retreat’s on-site organic farm and Soul Food Corner, where we’ll teach you how to produce the whole Farm-to-Table cycle!

  • Make organic pesticide in our garden
  • Cook one delicious Thai vegetarian dish (soup /curry / vegetable dip / stir-fry dish)
  • Create artful food presentation
  • Take home a small bottle of organic pesticide (in a recycled plastic bottle collected from our guests)
  • Take home all recipes
1.30 – 3pm available every day
Minimum 1 –day advance reservation required