Eco Philosophy

Eco-conscious living is an important foundation of Museflower’s operations.

We believe that wellness is important, not just for our bodies, but also for the world we live in. “By being mindful of our decisions and how our decisions can effect our outer world, we can choose practices that aren’t harmful to the environment”, says founder Tania Ho.

“One way to show love to ourselves is to create an environment that is loving to our body, mind and soul. Every little change starts with me. When I take full responsibility of myself, I take responsibility of the world I live in as well. Mother Nature has provided so many resources and “life” for us to be and live. The way we can give back is to create a toxic-free environment for ourselves and naturally a toxic-free planet.”

Therefore, at Museflower we try to combine practicality, reasonable cost, and eco-consciousness into our everyday practices. Our daily operations are based on green living practices such as saving energy through solar power; using chemical free products; growing our own aquaponic vegetables; and supporting the local community by sourcing locally as much as we can.

We have found that using green living practices in our daily operations helps share this wisdom with our staff and guests, some of whom in turn have found it useful to adapt some of these practices into their own daily lives at home.

Energy Efficiency

  •    -Solar water heater at the pool
  •    -Energy-saving light bulbs used in most places

Water Conservation

  •   -Saving water by changing bed sheets and towels every 3 days

Chemical-Free Practices

  •    -Non-toxic “green” fire extinguishers
  •    -Using natural cleaners as much as possible (vinegar, alcohol, baking soda, water)
  •    -Natural products used in the spa
  •    -Chemical-free swimming pool filtered by ozone

Natural, Organic & Sustainable Practices

  •   -Aquaponics and organic kitchen garden to grow our own food
  •    -Separate our own trash
  •    -Use of biodegradable plastic bags
  •    -Recycle our food into compost to minimize waste
  •    -Source food products locally as much as we can
  •    -All vegetables purchased locally

Supporting the local community

  •    -Support local suppliers and vendors as much as we can, such as food and spa products
  •    -Partner with PDA Tour (Population and Development Association), a social enterprise whose profits are donated to support community development projects for local and hill tribe communities