Types of Retreat Packages

Museflower offers various holistic retreats and workshops that help awaken and stimulate our creative energy. We believe that each of our offerings is like a “museflower” to our guests – an inspiration for our guests to find some creative energy that blooms inside them.

*Please note that we do not offer any weight loss or physical detox packages

Yoga Retreats

For yoga enthusiasts and those who want to get a kick-start in their health

Staying fit is so important yet hard to fit into a busy schedule. With yoga, all you need is a mat and some time. Our yoga retreats help you get into a regular routine and learn how to adapt this gentle fitness practice into your daily life for a healthier body and mind. We offer various styles of yoga: gentle, vinyasa, and flow. All levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced.

Spa Retreats

For spa lovers & stressed out city people

Our spa retreats are a gentle way to nourish yourself with fresh organic vegetarian food, daily spa treatments and gentle fitness classes in the midst of peaceful natural surroundings. It’s all about letting yourself unplug from everyday stress and taking time to indulge in self-care and rejuvenate yourself in a natural, undemanding environment, without feeling guilty.

Soul Retreats

For anyone who is ready for a deeper connection with your inner teacher

Sometimes in the search for well-being we need to go deeper than the physical aspect of relaxation and fitness. Emotional and mental wellness is a core part of overall good health. Our Soul Retreats help you in stimulating self discovery, creativity, transformation, and awakening to a higher consciousness level, led by talented and experienced holistic teachers who guide you in your journey.

Design Your Own Retreats

For every unique individual

You know what is best for you.

Whether you have your own private group, or if you are coming on your own, we are happy to assist with tailor-making a retreat package that is suitable to your needs.

*All customized retreat packages require a minimum stay of 3 nights or more.