Created as a holistic wellness sanctuary, we hope that our eco-facilities at Museflower Retreat & Spa offer a community place that nurtures inner balance and creativity.

Some of our eco-facilities such as the Museflower Spa and Soul Food Corner are also open to non-retreat guests, and are available through advance booking.

Soul Food Corner

Soul Food Corner is our community dining room where guests gather for family-style, buffet dining.

Airy and spacious, with big windows overlooking the lake, this is our social gathering place where guests can choose join the group at a big table or choose a smaller table if you wish to sit quietly on your own in the relaxed, casual atmosphere.

Along with serving our three delicious lacto-ovo vegetarian meals daily, this is where the soul finds nourishment, either with physical food, games, books, or carefully selected movies.

Why vegetarian cuisine? Read more details here

The Living Room at Soul Food Corner

Just like a living room at home, this is where you can either enjoy your personal space in books (a library with an assortment of books), have fun in a group to play entertaining board games, or watch movies.

Museflower Spa

A perfect time to reconnect to your body, mind, and soul, with the use of our natural Thai spa products and traditional spa therapies.

Our spa facilities and therapies are selected to relax, de-stress, refresh and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Want to know more about our best spa treatments? Read more details here 

Himalayan Crystal Salt Swimming Pool

Our Himalayan crystal salt water swimming pool is covered and heated by a solar water system. The pool is ozonized and free of chlorine, and at a depth of 2.40m it is truly a “swimming” exercise pool and not a dipping pool. Himalayan crystal salt water helps to cleanse the body while balancing the pH and maintaining the protective film of the skin.

Pool Lounge Area

A refreshment area for our pool guests to sip some complimentary tea and water, or simply to relax, read, and chill.

Fitness Gym

Our air-conditioned fitness gym is located above the pool so you can work up a sweat while enjoying a panoramic garden view.

Creative Studio

Located upstairs from the pool with a peaceful forest view, you can relax here and enjoy a private space to draw, paint, create relaxing color mandalas or anything you wish to express your creative spirit.

Museflower Boutique

Selling a variety of aromatherapy and herbal products, Himalayan crystal salt and salt lamps, books, apparel, and CDs

We source local brands that offer high quality products in our shop as much as possible.

Want to bring all these goodies home? Visit our online shop here.

Butterfly Room

Room Facilities: Our indoor activity room is 76m2 large, and is equipped with projector and screen, stereo system, ceiling fans, yoga mats, chairs and tables if needed. The room can fit about 20 mats, 50 people sitting in theater setting and 30 people with table. We have plenty of outdoor spaces for events with more people.

Function Room Rental: The Butterfly Room can be rented for teachers or practitioners who want to hold their own retreats or meetings there. The rental rates go for hourly (min. 2 hours), half day (5 hours), full day, or weekly basis. For more information about rental rates, please contact us at [email protected]

Movie Screenings: Movie nights also take place in the Butterfly room, as part of the workshop program or entertainment in the evenings.

The Butterfly Room is named with the inspiration of the symbol of a butterfly – the transformation from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Meditation Pavilion

Situated by our lakeside facing our organic farm, our Meditation Pavilion is specially designed and built in a hexagonal shape with wood and a high ceiling. This space is equipped with a stereo system that can be connected to your laptop or phone, wall fans, yoga mats, tables and chairs.

Essentially the heart of our Retreat & Spa center, this is an ideal sacred space for meditation, sound therapies and passive activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi. The space is 86m2 large, and can fit about a maximum of 25 mats or with 36 people sitting.

Our Meditation Pavilion is generally reserved for retreats hosted by Museflower Retreat & Spa. However, on dates that we do not hold our retreats, groups are welcome to rent this space for their workshops or retreats.

For more information about rental rates, please contact us at [email protected]

Private Spa Consultation Room

For visiting holistic practitioners, a private consultation room with or without a treatment bed at the spa can be rented at an hourly basis, so that practitioners can conduct their private sessions at a peaceful and quiet environment.

 Outdoor Salas

Various outdoor salas and garden chairs are scattered around the property, so you can stop and enjoy the nature and the outdoors whenever you want. You can even sleep outside if you want!

Outdoor Fire Pit

In cool season our lakeside outdoor fire pit becomes our outdoor living room where guests love to gather around and chat under the open sky after dinner.  There’s nothing cozier than socializing under the stars, with your mug of warm tea, feeding logs into the fire, and making new friends.

Organic Kitchen Garden & Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a farming system based on the principles of permaculture, where the waste water of fish is used to fertilize and grow vegetables, and in return the water is purified and feeds back to the fish. So there is no waste generated in the process.

Our organic kitchen garden is where we grow our own herbs and other types of vegetables.