Vegetarian Thai and Asian Dining at Soul Food Corner

*All meals are included in the room rates of our Retreat & Spa. Some menu items may change according to season.

We offer delicious, organic lacto/ovo vegetarian Thai/Asian food with buffet style dining, three meals a day.

Fresh produce is picked straight from our own on-site Aquaponics system and organic garden, and we source locally as much as possible.

We offer complimentary ozonized, chemical-free pure drinking water, herbal tea and healthy fruit snacks throughout the day.

Vegan or gluten-free option is available upon request. Please let us know upon reservation if you have food allergies or special dietary requirements.

Why Vegetarian Food?

Eating vegetarian food helps the body go through a gentle detox and feel lighter without meat.

For vegetarian travellers, it is often difficult to find delicious vegetarian food while travelling.  You can rest assured that we can meet your vegetarian and vegan needs with the delicious flavors or our fresh, organic, natural green cuisine.

Our Family Style Buffet

We offer family style buffet meals so that guests can choose to eat as much or as little as you want.

Our philosophy is “Simple is Bliss, Bliss is Simple”, so overall our portion size and meals are light and simple, filled with lots of colors and flavors.

Our breakfast and dinner buffets offer simpler dishes to keep us feeling light, while lunch is focused as the main meal of the day with more variety of dishes.  We keep dinner light intentionally so your body can digest the food easier, feel lighter and sleep better.

Our Thai / Asian Cooking

At Museflower, we offer authentic Thai and Asian cuisine with local ingredients that you may not have experienced before. It is like a home-cooked meal with a gentler and mildly spicy taste, seasoned with love and soul prepared by our Thai kitchen team.

With our healthy Asian dining focus, we do not offer western staples or additives like bread, pastry, beans, lentils, cheese, coffee, alcohol, white sugar, MSG, protein shakes, green smoothies, and imported superfood products.

In Asian vegetarian cooking, we use tofu, soybeans, green peas and beans, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, broccoli as our main protein sources. We also offer locally grown organic spirulina powder, a high source of iron and protein, to add to your drinks complimentary as part of the buffet.

Experience Food as Retreat

Our food experience is part of the overall retreat experience.  The retreat experience is about breaking habits, including food habits.  We encourage guests to be open to try different types of food, which is a part of being open to accept new things in life.  This, in turn, is a reflection of how open we are in general to break old habits and allow healing and transformation to take place.

We do want to point out that eating vegetarian food does not necessarily mean weight loss. Weight loss is not the main focus of Museflower’s retreat experience.  We promote healthy lifestyle in general and this includes healthy food choices and fresh ingredients.

Daily menu


Between 8.00am – 10.00am: Oatmeal, one Asian hot dish (congee, boiled rice, noodle or soup), kefir, non-dairy milk such as almond or rice milk, fresh fruit and muesli, one glass of fresh juice, herbal tea, and additional egg dish to order (no limit)

*coffee and bread are not served 


Between 12.30pm – 2.00pm: Green salad, hot dishes such as curry, stir fried vegetable, omelet etc., local dessert, and herbal tea


Between 6.30pm – 8.00pm: Hot soup, simple hot dish, steam vegetable with dip, and herbal tea

If there is any specific Thai dish that you’d like to experience during your stay, you may let us know in advance at the Reception and we will do our best to prepare the dish subject to availability of ingredients. Please note that all meals are inclusive in the room rates, except for additional drink and snack order.

Drinks & Snacks Menu

We offer special smoothies and fresh fruit juices, premium organic teas, and homemade chips and snacks throughout the day for our guests to enjoy at extra cost. Menu is available in Soul Food Corner and the Pool Lounge. Order can be taken from 8am to 7pm daily, or order in advance.


We can also arrange takeaway food boxes for guests who want to enjoy our food but will be on-the-go for sightseeing or departing to the airport. Kindly inform us at least two days in advance.

Dietary Requirements / Food Allergies

Besides lacto-ovo vegetarian food, we are able to provide vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free options for guests. Please notify us upon reservation so we can prepare for you accordingly.

If you have specific foods or supplements that you need for your diet or for health reasons, please do bring them with you in case we cannot find these items in Chiang Rai.  You may store your food items in our community fridge in the Soul Food Corner.  Please note that coffee and alcohol are not allowed in this fridge.


Outside guests are welcome to dine at Soul Food Corner. Please make an advanced booking one day before as we normally only make enough food for our in-house guests to minimize wastage. Please check at our Reception for buffet prices.

Buffet Rate per person

Breakfast 180 THB
Lunch 240 THB
Supper 180 THB

*Children under age of 12 will be offered 20% discount