Group Retreat Rental

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Retreat Center Rental Now Available!

Venue for Hire: Rent our Natural Wellness Center and Facilities to Host Your Own Retreat

Museflower Retreat & Spa welcomes practitioners, teachers, non-religious organizations and companies to rent our facilities to create and design your retreat or workshop relating to health and wellness. Let your retreat ideas come to life at this beautiful and natural location…

Museflower is a relaxing place to host corporate retreats, team-building groups, workshops, seminars, and all types of wellness, holistic, and creative courses. Many of our guest teachers host several retreats a year with highly competitive rentals prices and excellent facilities and services for your discerning clients. 

We can host up to 36 guests in shared occupancy. Our small establishment and family-style setting creates a warm, casual community atmosphere where guests can quickly feel at home and easily connect with each other.

Want to organize a retreat but not sure how to design the programme?

We can help you!

If you are a company looking for a place to hold your corporate retreat relating to wellness… we can help you!

If you are a practitioner / teacher looking to incorporate more elements in your retreat, such as yoga, spa treatments, vegetarian food, and more… we can help you!

Aside from coming to relax in our peaceful nature location, you can design your own programme incorporating spa, sightseeing, golf, and mini-workshops to create the experience you want.

We offer special group retreat rental rates for groups over 10 people and up, as well as special rate and benefits for host teacher or organizer.

Kindly contact us at for more information on group retreat rental rates.