Signature Massages
Museflower Four-Hand Bliss Massage

A heavenly treat from head to toe!

Our signature four-hand bliss massage is designed with one therapist working on the lower body, and the other therapist on the upper body. Both therapists work in a synchronized flow to help release any muscle tensions and to restore balance in the body. Our treatment finishes with a destressing facial massage with CBD facial oil and a grounding foot massage at the same time.

This special treatment infuses CBD (cannabidiol) extract in our signature aroma oil for an additional benefit of soothing your muscles and calming your nerves – giving you an extra boost of Zen. The CBD extract used is sourced locally from Thailand.

*Note: Guest can choose to opt out from using CBD infusion and still enjoy our four-hand bliss massage
Pressure: soft / medium / strong
– 90 minutes –
Lunar Massage

Recommended to those who prefer to unwind and relax.

One of our best spa treatments to melt away tension and stress, this full body signature massage includes a pampering facial and scalp massage. With your choice of aromatherapy oil and gentle slow stroking movements, this treatment allows your body and mind to immerse in a harmonic state once again. Also suitable for children and pregnant guests.

Pressure: soft to medium
– 60 / 90 minutes –
Solar Massage

Recommended to those who prefer to be re-energized.

This is our best spa treatment to revitalize your body with this integrative style of full-body signature massage, combining the techniques from the Orient and the West. With your choice of aromatherapy oil, our therapist will use different movements, stretching and acupressure to awaken the energy flow of the body again.

Pressure: medium to strong
– 60 / 90 minutes –
Star Massage

Recommended to those who prefer to customize their own.

Tailor-make your own treatment by telling us what you need and how you want it. Begin with a spa consultation to let us know what pressure you prefer, what area you would like to concentrate on, and select your own aromatherapy oil that best caters to your need. therapists will use natural Thai spa techniques along with their instinct to tune into your body and energy, and incorporate their own unique style in this signature massage treatment.

– 60 / 90 minutes –
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