Facial Treatments

The first step cleanses the face with kefir (fermented milk) and mung bean and honey scrub, then toning with cooling cucumber water. A lymphatic drainage facial massage with rose geranium essential oil helps with firming the face and balancing sebum, followed by a hydrating fresh aloe vera and cucumber mask to rejuvenate and soften your skin. Finish with a refreshing moisturizing gel applied on the face for a dewy glow. For women and men.

Suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin
– 60 minutes –
*30-minute Mini-Facial Available: Cleansing, Scrub, Mask Only (no facial massage)

Rejuvenate your complexion with this luxurious, one-of-a-kind facial using Mayukinuko golden silk skin care products hand-made in Chiang Mai.

Silk protein – that gives Thai silk its gorgeous shine – is used to infuse your face to help firm and improve skin texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Silk protein forms every step of the facial, starting with a Golden Silk Gel Soap to cleanse the skin, followed by a Golden Cocoon Facial Cleansing Scrub with 18 protein aminos to deep cleanse and repair the skin. A unique facial lifting massage stimulates circulation, then a Golden Silk Face Mask nourishes the entire face. Hydrolyzed Silk Beauty Water and Golden Silk Protein Moisturizer add the finishing touch for a radiant glow.

Complimentary gifts of Cocoon Scrub and Golden Silk Face Mask are included to continue the care at home.
All products are also available in our shop.
*Please note this is not a vegan spa treatment.
Suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin
– 75 minutes –
*30-minute Mini Facial Available: Cleansing, Cocoon scrub, Facial massage only (no facial mask)

Gua Sha has long been a traditional Chinese therapy that involves scrapping the skin with a massage tool to help stimulate blood and energy circulation. When Gua Sha is performed on the face, it can help reduce puffiness, promote lymphatic drainage, and improve skin texture.

To complement the healing benefits of a Gua Sha facial massage, this healing facial is paired with Sacred Body Ritual’s products made from Phuket. Sacred Body Ritual’s products are infused with sustainable palo santo essential oil to calm the nervous system and support the immune system.

Begin by cleansing the face with Sacred Body Ritual’s palo santo foam cleanser and scrub, followed by an organic superfood face mask of raw fermented cacao, black rice, and raw mushroom powder to rehydrate the skin. Finish with a depuffing and calming Gua Sha facial and scalp massage with palo santo facial oil and a Gua Sha gemstone of your choice.

Suitable for all skin types except acne-prone and sensitive skin, and anyone who received facial cosmetic surgeries in the past three weeks such as botox
– 60 minutes –
*30-minute Mini-Facial Available: Cleansing, Scrub, Gua sha facial massage only
signature Museflower natural facial embodies the power of “Simple is Bliss, Bliss is Simple” by using all fresh ingredients from the kitchen and nature.
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