Signature Spa Journeys
Museflower Spa Journeys include a 15-minute ginger and salt foot soak to stimulate your blood circulation, along with a relaxing shoulder and neck massage during the foot soak.
After each spa journey, you can enjoy a cup of herbal tea in our spa garden.
The Journey of Spring
Spring is time to awaken…
Let healing crystals and aroma massage rebalance and uplift your energy with a massage along the body’s energy meridian lines. Then smooth away stress with a facial massage using crystals to relax and re-energize your complexion
  • Ginger & Salt Foot Soak 15 minutes
  • Energy Grounding Crystal Massage 90 minutes (Medium Pressure)
  • Foot Acupressure 15 minutes
– 2 hours –
The Journey of Summer
Summer is a time to glow…
Give your body a luxurious, skin-softening treat with the moisturizing richness of natural coconut cream. Start with a natural body scrub to cleanse and invigorate your skin, followed by a nourishing full body massage.
  • Ginger & Salt Foot Soak 15 minutes
  • Mung Bean Brightening Body Scrub 30 minutes
  • Warm Coconut Cream Full Body Massage 60 minutes (medium pressure)
– 2 hours –
The Journey of Monsoon
Monsoon is a time to destress…
Melt away your stress with a warm hot stone massage, followed by a depuffing gua sha facial massage to calm and brighten your face with organic goodness from the earth..
  • Ginger & Salt Foot Soak 15 minutes
  • Hot Stone Massage 75 minutes (medium pressure)
  • Mini Gua Sha Depuffing Facial 30 minutes
– 2 hours –
The Journey of Autumn
Autumn is a time to slow down…
Pamper yourself with a revitalizing back and shoulder massage to stimulate blood circulation, and rejuvenate your complexion with our luxurious, one-of-a-kind golden silk facial for a radiant finish.
  • Ginger & Salt Foot Soak 15 minutes
  • Back & Shoulder Massage 30 minutes (medium pressure)
  • Golden Silk Radiance Facial 75 minutes
– 2 hours –
The Journey of Winter
Winter is a time to rest…
This detoxifying Himalayan crystal salt body scrub combined with the ancient healing therapy of cupping therapy and massage, will leave you feeling clean and clear, ready to rest and reset.
  • Ginger & Salt Foot Soak 15 minutes
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Body Scrub 30 minutes
  • Cupping Massage 90 minutes (medium pressure)
– 2 hours 30 Minutes-
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