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Museflower Retreat & Spa is a place where city people who feel stressed, disconnected and tired can slow down, recharge, and reconnect to themselves again by first reconnecting with nature.

For those interested in wellness and love nature, Museflower Retreat & Spa is an all-inclusive cozy retreat center in peaceful Chiang Rai, Thailand.

We offer healing, learning, and natural living practices and host yoga, meditation, wellness, and healing retreats with our resident and visiting practitioners. Our retreat center is ideal for creative workshops and trainings; spa therapies; and eating the freshest, nutritious organic vegetarian cuisine.

You don’t need to be a yogi, health nut or stressed urbanite to join us! We welcome all travelers who want a mindfully green, health-conscious place to stay while visiting and exploring Chiang Rai.

Museflower Retreat & Spa was created specifically as a holistic wellness sanctuary by founder Tania Ho, a wellness professional who combines her international spa industry experience with the therapeutic skills of professional holistic experts. This is a place that nurtures creativity and promotes well-being.

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Our second Sacred Rest with Nature: a Soulful Retreat with Youmin Yap and Tania Ho is now open for booking! The date for our 2024 retreat is from November 29 to December 4, 2024.

Sacred Rest with Nature is a deliciously restful retreat. It is a space to slow down from the doing, and tune into your inner rhythm. It is a time to embrace rest as a sacred practice.

This 6-days-5-nights retreat is designed to provide wellness experiences to guide you to be in rest, such as forest bathing, yoga nidra, cacao ceremony, and shamanic journey. The retreat program is also sensitively curated to offer spaciousness – downtime to reflect and integrate, to enjoy the facilities at Museflower Retreat & Spa, or to simply to be.

Early bird offer 10% off is available for bookings made on or before July 31, 2024.

Enjoy 15% off from our regular room rates, yoga retreat package, spa getaway package, and extended stay room rates for a refreshing retreat time.

Enjoy 15% off for a la carte spa treatments, signature spa journeys and group wellness classes.

In this one-week mantra meditation challenge, we will learn the mantra to get into the flow of creativity, embodied by the energy of the Goddess Saraswati – the Goddess of creativity, speech, music, arts, studies, intuition, and wisdom.

The first day and last day of the challenge (Day 1 and Day 8) are recordings from two online workshops where we will learn the mantra and the story of the Goddess Saraswati, practice meditation and sing kirtan together.

From Day 2 to Day 7, we will be practicing japa (repetition of the mantra) and mudra (hand gesture) as our daily meditation practice. Every day there is also a daily invitation and a simple exercise to allow you delve deeper into the qualities related to the mantra, such as journaling and setting intention.

If you want to experience the magic of mantra meditation in your daily life, this one-week challenge is for you.  

This new Soul Retreat program is designed for anyone looking to bring in more calm and trust into their lives

Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion, and the path of Love.

In our Bhakti Yoga study groups, we will be exploring and experiencing the energies of Hindu deities through meditation, chanting, kirtan, storytelling, journaling, reflective sharing and other self-discovery exercises.

This new Soul Retreat program is available all-year round. No prior meditation or chanting experience is required, all beginners are welcome!

New cancellation policy starting from Oct 1 2022:

All reservations must be guaranteed with a 50% deposit three days prior to arrival date.

Cancellation charge is applied if the reservation is cancelled within 3 days of arrival date, and no refund will be issued for all deposits paid.

In the exception case of extraordinary events, such as COVID-19, medical emergencies, travel restrictions, and natural disasters, all deposits paid can be used as credit towards any future bookings, valid for 6 months from the date of cancellation.

The center reserves the right to release non-guaranteed reservations at anytime with notification given to our guests.

As of 1 October 2022, the Thai Government has lifted all preventative measures for COVID-19 across the country. However it is advisable for travelers to take care of themselves.

  • Guest Consultation Form: Prior to arrival, all guests will still be sent an online consultation form to complete in order to expedite the check-in process.
  • Face masks: Staff are no longer required to wear face masks, however staff can choose to wear face masks if they are in close contact with our guests, such as during spa treatments. If any guests or staff feel unwell, we ask that you wear a face mask. Guests can ask for a complimentary disposable face mask from our reception.
  • Rapid Antigen Test Kits: If guests experience any COVID-19 related symptoms and would like to test to check for COVID, you may request a maximum of two sets of complimentary ATK from our reception. Additional ATKs can be purchased from our office.
  • Wellness Classes: All guests are required to book our wellness class in advance with our Reception, so the teachers can prepare and setup the class accordingly. If you have booked under our retreat package, you will be automatically enrolled into the wellness classes included in your package. Cancellation charge applies to all classes if guests cancel after 5pm of the day before or no-show (100% of class price is charged).
  • Spa wet facilities: All guests are asked to reserve in advance for using our spa wet facilities (mineral bath and herbal steam). The maximum time of each session is 45 minutes. Currently the spa wet facilities can be booked privately for individual guests.
  • Buffet services available for groups of 10+: Buffet services will be available if we have more than 10 in-house guests, otherwise a set meal will be served. Guests can refer to our weekly set menu in our Soul Food Corner.
Last updated on 4 October 2022
“Thailand’s Top 10 Yoga & Wellness Retreats”
ASIASPA HK & SEA, Sept/Oct 2016


“No 1. Museflower is Chiang Rai’s first and leading professional wellness center and features Thailand’s first Himalayan crystal salt all-natural swimming pool (no chlorine). Offering a Hatha-focused yoga retreat, programmes are tailored for the individual depending on length of stay.”

Museflower for your group retreat


Need a tranquil, healthy green place to hold your group retreat, training course, or workshop?

Museflower Retreat & Spa welcomes practitioners, teachers, organizations and companies to rent our facilities.  Create and design your retreat or workshop relating to health and wellness, writing, photography, creative teaching, training, corporate retreat, and more.  Let your retreat ideas come to life at this beautiful and natural location…

Retreat Chiang Rai Package


A little yoga escape in Chiang Rai’s green hills can do wonders to unwind your body and mind.

Signature Spa Journeys at museflower retreat & spa
Thailand Getaway Package


Let our Thai natural spa retreat be your place to nurture and refresh yourself among Chiang Rai’s tranquil lakes and rice fields.

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Enjoy a night at Museflower to enjoy our lacto-ovo vegetarian food and wellness activity at your own pace.