Soul Retreat Program with Tania Ho
Thailand Bhakti Yoga Study Group: Find Our Way Back to Love

“Devotion is a way of being, it’s not something you do. It’s dedication to finding awareness and Love. Chanting is like asanas for the mind and the heart.”

~ Krishna Das, kirtan artist

Perfect for Anyone Who Wants to Bring in More Calm and Trust into Their Lives

– Available All Year Round Starting Monday / Thursday –

Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion, and the path of Love.

The path of Love allows us to be in the flow of Life through bliss and joy. However, the path of Love is not always easy. In life, our hearts get broken again and again, through hurts, disappointments, betrayals, and we lose faith in others, in the Universe and in ourselves.

With Bhakti yoga practice, we can learn to ask the Universe for help, to pick up the broken pieces of our hearts, and to continue on receiving and nourishing ourselves with love even if we feel like we hit rock bottom.

What is the practice of Bhakti Yoga?

In our Bhakti Yoga practice, we will be repeating and chanting mantras. Mantra is a Sanskrit word that means “tool of the mind and a sacred formula”. Every sound of a mantra can elicit a certain vibration, represented by the divine qualities of a deity. As we repeat the same sound over and over, we can harmonize our energy with the same frequency.

By sharing the stories of these deities, we can apply their wisdom to our daily lives, embracing both the light and shadow side of ourselves, allowing ourselves to return to wholeness.

We find meaning and hope again as we devote and infuse love in everything we do. The Universe (or Divine or however you name this bigger presence) is always here to support us no matter what. We are never meant to walk this journey alone. And through devotional chanting and singing, we find our way back to Love again.

What is this Study Group about?

In our Bhakti Yoga study groups, we will be exploring and experiencing the energies of Hindu deities through meditation, chanting, kirtan, storytelling, journaling, reflective sharing and other self-discovery exercises.

As we learn about the divine qualities of these deities through their stories and mantras, we invite their loving presence into our lives. Every deity represents certain qualities, and so when we chant and sing their Divine names, we awaken these same qualities within us.

No previous experience with chanting or meditation is required. Please also note that our study group is not affiliated with any religion and we do not perform any worshipping rites. What we do is to respectfully invite the deities’ loving presence.

We are all students in learning the ever-mysterious ways of the Universe. All you need for this program is an open mind and an open heart.

Who are we studying?

In general we will be focusing on the stories and mantras of the Hindu deities who are associated with the Indian yoga tradition. However, we do include chanting mantras of other spiritual traditions, such as Buddhist, Tibetan, Christian mantras, whenever suitable.

Hindu Deities / topics that we may study include:

  • Ganesha: Lord for Remover of Obstacles
  • Saraswati: Goddess of Creativity and Insight
  • Durga: Goddess of Courage and Strength
  • Kali: Goddess of Radical Change and Rebirth
  • Lakshmi: Goddess of Abundance and Beauty
  • Parvati: Goddess of Devotion and Sacred Partnership
  • Shiva: God of Eternal Destruction and Pure Conscious Awareness
  • Hanuman: Lord of Devotion and Service from the Heart
  • Sita Ram: Goddess of Selfless and Unconditional Love
  • Radhe Krishna: Goddess of Romantic Longing and Passion

This program is setup so that we will be focusing on studying one Hindu deity / one topic every 3 days. If you would like to explore multiple topics within a shorter period of time, it is also possible but we won’t be delving as deep. Please discuss with Tania your intention first and we can decide together.

If this is a private program, you can let Tania know in advance if there is a particular topic that you resonate with so she can plan ahead. You can also leave it open and let Tania decide what feels most suitable for you based on your intention.

 What We Will Cover in This Program:

✔ Meditation with mantras and mudras

✔ Storytelling to learn about the divine qualities of each deity and how we can awaken these qualities within us

✔ Chanting and singing

✔ Setting intention to envision the life you want

✔ Working with other wellness tools and exercises to discover more about yourself

✔ Journaling time for self-reflection

✔ Sharing your thoughts and feelings with the group in a safe space

✔ Building a connection with the Universe in your own way

✔ Soul card reading session with Tania to gain clarity on where you are now

✔ Monthly kirtan gathering online to continue the practice together

How Can This
Program Help Me?
  • Invite more calm and inner peace into your life
  • Find a greater sense of trust in the flow of life
  • Be more confident in expressing yourself
  • Rediscover joy and beauty in your life
  • Gain more clarity on where you are in your path
  • Strengthen your intuition for making better decisions aligned to your heart
Program Schedule
Thailand Bhakti Yoga Study Group
Sample Program Schedule for 3 Days

Starting Date:

This program is best to start on a Monday or a Thursday, however please do check with Tania if you prefer to start on another day. Generally any day of the week is fine except for Saturday afternoons and Sundays. If your program stretches over Sunday, please count in an extra day as Sunday is a rest day for Tania. Please do check with Tania’s availability first and reconfirm the starting date before booking.


Program Duration:

This program requires a minimum of 3 full days and can be extended to a maximum of 12 days. If you prefer something shorter, feel free to join our 90-minute “Mantra + Mudra” workshop and/or 60-minute Kirtan classes offered at a regular basis.


Program Schedule Notes:

Bhakti yoga study group programs can be offered at 3, 6, 9 or 12 days. The class schedule will be similar to the above every 3 days. In general, we will focus on delving deep into learning and experiencing one deity’s energy and qualities every three days.

Please note that all session times and topics listed may be adjusted depending on the number of participants, your intention, and Tania’s availability.

This program does not include any yoga classes, however it is recommended that you continue your yoga practice daily either by yourself or joining our group yoga classes in the morning or afternoon for a complete immersion experience.

All Soul Retreat programs with Tania will need to be reserved at least one week in advance.


Private or Group Program:

This program can be booked as a private retreat or if there are a few guests who are interested around the same time, you may be joined together as a group. Coming together to chant and meditate as a group is very powerful, and often the healing effects are amplified.

Tania will keep you informed if there are other participants who are interested. The price for the program per person is the same for either private or group setting.

This Program Is Right For You If You Want More…
Calm & Peace

Kickstart and deepen your meditation practice with mantras and mudras

Joy & Bliss

Open your heart more to receive love and bliss

Support & Trust

Feel more spiritual support in your life


Build inner strength with deeper trust in the flow of life


Feel more confident to express your voice


Embrace yourself fully – both the light and shadow parts of yourself

Inclusions of Thailand Bhakti Yoga Study Group Program

✔ Bhakti yoga study sessions as listed in above schedule

✔ A 60-minute private soul card reading session with Tania taken onsite or online (valid within 3 months after program ends)

✔ Monthly online kirtan gathering free for all Bhakti Yoga study group students (optional to join)

What’s Not Included In This Program Price:

✗ Accommodation and meals at Museflower Retreat & Spa (please inquire our room rate separately)

✗ Yoga classes

✗ Spa treatments

✗ Other group wellness classes or holistic sessions apart from the sessions listed in the inclusions

✗ Other personal expenses such as transportation, flight, visa, gratuity, etc.

Retreat Teachers
museflower retreat and spa-tania ho meditation teacher chiang rai profile pic cropped 300x254
Tania Ho
Heart-Based Meditation Teacher & Intuitive Soul Guide,
Museflower Retreat & Spa Owner

Tania serves as a heart-based meditation teacher and intuitive soul guide to help people create and build their own unique spiritual practice.

Soul Retreat
Program Rates 2023
*Deposit: 2,500THB non-refundable deposit is required upon booking after confirming the program start date with Tania

Booking & Cancellation Policy:

Please reserve the program at least one week prior to your arrival date at Museflower Retreat & Spa. A 2,500THB non-refundable deposit is required upon booking to reconfirm your reservation.

All deposits paid are non-refundable. However, if you give a minimum of 72-hour cancellation notice, the deposit can be used as credit for future sessions with Tania (onsite or online). Should you cancel less than 3 days prior to the program begins, 100% of the deposit will be forfeited.

Should Tania have any emergencies and would need to postpone or cancel the program, all deposits paid to Museflower Retreat & Spa will be refunded 100%.

“Chanting is a way of getting in touch with yourself.

It’s an opening of the heart and letting go of the mind and thoughts. It deepens the channel of grace, and it’s a way of being present in the moment.”

~ Krishna Das, kirtan artist

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Common FAQ

This is a study group program since we are bringing a curious mind to explore and experience the qualities of the deities and how we relate to them. This is a fun way to experiment if this sort of meditation approach fits you and can be built upon as your own spiritual practice.

This Bhakti Yoga study group program serves as an “add-on” for guests who are looking to explore a meditation practice with mantras, chanting and mudras. The price only includes the program itself, and additional bonuses such as private soul card reading with Tania and an online monthly gathering to support your journey.

Our Museflower Yoga Retreat is an all-inclusive retreat package that includes accommodation, meals, yoga and meditation classes, spa treatments, holistic sessions and roundtrip airport transfer. You can join the “Mantra + Mudra” workshop and kirtan class offered on our wellness activity schedule as an introduction to experience Bhakti Yoga practice.

This program is absolutely suitable for beginners! In fact it is designed FOR beginners, so you do not need any experience of yoga or meditation to join. All you need is an open mind and an open heart.

This depends on your beliefs and views. However, we do not perform any worshipping rites to the deities in this program. Remember this is only a study group for you to explore something new.

What we do is to simply invite the energies of what these deities represent into our lives to help and support us. For example, Ganesha is the lord for removing obstacles. As we open our hearts to chant Ganesha’s name, we are aligning ourselves with this frequency of removing obstacles. This quality of wisdom is already within us, and this practice helps to put a spotlight on it.

The Divine (or call it as Universe, Source, Creator, God, Goddess, Nature, Spirit, or the Intelligence surrounding us), is formless. It can be difficult to grasp what Divine really means without a form.

I believe the Divine manifests into different forms. Each form is like an ice cream flavor. If I were to describe how ice cream tastes like to someone who never has ice cream before, words are limiting. Only when the person actually takes a bite into the ice cream, would that person understand how it tastes.

And there are so many ice cream flavors! The energy and qualities of each deity, saint, spiritual teacher, angel, Goddess and God are like different ice cream flavors. Some will prefer to stick with vanilla. Some like to eat a sundae with multiple ice cream flavors. There is no wrong way to enjoy. And Bhakti Yoga provides us a way to connect with the Divine directly in our own way.

Though you can do this program with any room rate we offer, if you want to do this program longer (such as 6 days and up) or would like to focus mainly on this, we recommend booking under our regular room rate (rate includes accommodation + 3 lacto/ovo vegetarian meals + 1 wellness activity per room night), or our extended stay rate for bookings more than 8 nights (accommodation + 3 lacto/ovo vegetarian meals per room night).

Feel free to check out our regular room rate and our extended stay rate for comparison and contact our reservations team at here for more information.

Yes you can still add on this program on top of the retreat package you have booked depending on how long you will stay. Any unused classes of your retreat package (except for this study group program) can be used as credit towards your booking.

No you do not need to be a Museflower guest to join. Outside guests are welcome to join as well.

Please email Tania at or contact us here to check for her availability with your interested dates and intention.

Once we confirm the program date, our reservations team will proceed to make a room booking for you. A 2,500THB non-refundable deposit is required and you can pay via Paypal, credit card, cash or bank transfer. The deposit serves to guarantee your booking of the program (separate from the room booking).

Yes of course. I’ll be happy to assist any inquiries by email, or we can setup a call to discuss your intentions and if this program is a good fit. Feel free to email Tania at or contact us here or whatsapp us at +66-(0)93-137-0414 to chat or setup an appointment.

Visit our complete FAQ page for more information about the Museflower Retreat & Spa experience.

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