Tania Ho

Tania Ho

Emotion/ Energy/ Spiritual

Soul Card Reading/ Intuitive Healing / Hado Counseling / Vibrational Healing Wellness Class

About Tania Ho

Intuitive Soul Guide, Museflower Retreat Founder & Owner

Tania is as an intuitive soul guide and soul retreat facilitator to help people step into their spiritual power.

She helps people to find their unique way to practice modern spirituality guided by their intuition and to live a soul-heart-mind aligned life.

Tania is trained in a number of holistic therapies including Bach Flower Remedies, Hado Counseling, Magnified Healing and Reiki.

Also the founder and owner of Museflower Retreat & Spa, this Hong Kong native now makes her home at the retreat in Chiang Rai, where she is actively involved in all aspects of running the property.

Tania is mainly based in Chiang Rai, and is generally available daily except Sundays. 


1-Card Soul Card Reading by Email

Do you want to know what message the Universe is showing you right now?

Card reading is a great tool to help you reconfirm your gut feelings, find clarity and guidance for the next step in your life. If you are at a point of your life where you are going through a transition, a cross-road, a period of uncertainty, or just want to have clarity on where you are heading in your life, then this is for you.

Based on your question regarding to one aspect of your life (work, love, finances, health, family, or general), I will pick one card for you, take a photo of the card, and share one paragraph of my insight via email to you. In this card reading we focus on looking at your current soul lesson regarding to your question.

Payment for the 1-card soul card reading must be made before your card reading is sent to you. You can find more information on payment in the google form link below.

June 2020 Special: 1-Card Soul Card Reading by Tania / 495THB
(10% off from 550THB)

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“Thank you so much for your card reading. It is beautiful and has nourished my heart tremendously. I was so touched when I read your card and reading. The message from the Universe in this special time of life is very kindly and supportive indeed.”

~ J. Wong, Hong Kong

Online Soul Card Reading 60 mins on Zoom

For those who seek clarity for the next step in life

Soul card reading tunes into your current soul’s lesson to gain insight and clarity for your next step in life.

A 60-minute Soul Card Reading can give you more guidance or if you have follow-up questions on your 1-card reading.

60 mins. / 2,200THB

June 2020: 10% OFF special from 2,200THB @ 1,980THB

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Soul Card Reading

For those who seek clarity for the next step in life

Soul card reading tunes into your current soul’s lesson to gain insight and clarity for your next step in life.

60 mins. / 2,200THB

Intuitive Healing Session

For those who seek to release emotional blockages and reconnect to your heart’s wisdom

With the help of vibrational healing tools such as flower essence and energy healing, we can uncover the root cause of your current challenges, and release any emotional and energetic blockages to be in the flow of life again.

60 mins / 2,200 THB

Hado Counseling Session

For those who seek to improve their health on a vibrational level

We begin the session with Hado Kaizen program, a computer program which can scan and measure your bio-energetic state and show any energetic imbalances that are affecting your energy including any negative emotions.

Your personalized Hado water will be made after to help neutralize any energetic imbalances. Other healing tools will be shared during the session to help improve your general vibrational health.

Demo / Follow Up: 45 mins / 2,000 THB (includes one glass of sample Hado water)

Full Session 2 hours / 3,800THB (includes one bottle of Hado water remedy)

~ 5% of proceeds will be given back to Emoto Peace Project ~

Introduction to Energy Healing 60 mins

Energy healing can promote well-being by helping to release energy blockages. Experience how energy healing works and anyone can do it!

Labyrinth Walking Meditation 60 mins

Join us for a walking meditation at the Labyrinth to receive healing and follow what your Soul inspires you to do.

Flower Message Meditation 60 mins

Each flower has a different story. Each flower corresponds to a certain topic of life. Meditate with a flower that you resonate with and learn what wisdom flower shares!

Shamanic Journey Circle 60 mins

A Shamanic journey is a visualization type of meditation where you can journey to the Upper World to meet your spirit guides or Lower World to meet your power animals. Through Shamanic journey, you will receive guidance and messages regarding your daily life.

Chanting Meditation 60 mins

The sound vibrations from chanting sacred mantras can help to massage our inner organs and start to awaken our energy flow. Chanting transcends all senses and can take us beyond time and space. It helps us to express our voices and one does not need to sing well to chant. You can sing as softly or as loudly as you wish; all it matters is that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Heal Your Water Within 60 mins

Learn about the research behind the Message of Water (how the energy of water is changed when exposed to different vibrations), and simple tools and meditation to heal our water within with a powerful forgiveness mantra.

Sutra-Copying Meditation 60 mins

Copying Buddhist scriptures (sutras) has been a popular practice in East Asia as a form of meditation and a devotional act. One doesn’t have to be a Buddhist to experience this type of meditation. In this class, we will learn to quiet our minds, observe our thoughts through sutra-copying.

Tapping Into Your Superpower no. 1 – Meditation 90 mins

You are your own hero and heroine. Meditation, imagination, and intuition are three superpowers that we are all born with. In this class, we will explore how we can practice our first superpower – meditation, to quiet our mind, to observe our thoughts, and to listen to our soul’s whispers. You will learn tips and tools on how to begin an easy meditation practice in your daily life.

Tapping Into Your Superpower no. 2 – Imagination 90 mins

With imagination, we can start to consciously create our life in our mind’s eye. In this class, we will channel our creativity and imagination with writing and art, combined with meditation, to reflect on where we are currently and to manifest what we want to create in our life.

Tapping Into Your Superpower no. 3 – Intuition 90 mins

Intuition is our inner compass and wisdom that guides us to live a soul-led life, a life aligned with our purpose here on Earth. In this class, we will learn how our intuition speaks to us through the five senses and supersenses with fun exercises, oracle cards, and meditation.

Inner Dance Sound Healing 90 mins

Inner Dance Sound Healing is a meditative journey with music, allowing each person to enter a trance-like state of awareness. Created by Pi Villaraza from the Philippines, this healing modality may help to release any emotions or energies that no longer serve us, access our inner wisdom for guidance, or invoke a deep sense of silence and peace.

Class Booking & Prices

Please check our weekly wellness activity schedule upon arrival.

All classes are subject to practitioner’s availability and may change without prior notice.

Advanced reservation is required with some of our classes.

Wellness Activity Rates 2020

October 2 – 9, 2020: Museflower Soul Bliss Writing Retreat (more info TBA)

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Please note that later on when Museflower reopens, the prices of Tania’s online sessions will be charged in Hong Kong dollars and the online prices will be higher than rates charged at Museflower.

Although I was introduced to the healing power of water over 10 years ago, I experienced the Hado treatment for the first time with Tania. The session lasted for less than 2 hours and Tania explained clearly every step of the way. The device could detect a broad spectrum of areas while Tania combined this with her intuitive gift to provide me a thorough reading. After drinking the Hado water, I felt more energized and less bloated. It definitely worked on me.

Margie Ko, Founder of 7th Ray Center, Hong Kong


A min. of one-day notice is required for booking any private sessions with our practitioners.

For more information and reservation, please email us.


Tania will NOT be able to offer her sessions for the following dates:

  • May 2020 (exact dates TBA)
  • September 2020 (exact dates TBA)

Meet Our Practitioners

Tania Ho

Museflower Retreat Founder & Owner, Intuitive Healer

Watchararat Srichamroen (A)

Yoga Teacher & Wellness Practitioner

Visiting Teacher Sep-Oct 2020: Kanlayanee Martthuean (Jang)

Yoga & Wellness Practitioner