Spa Rates

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Below 2019 Spa rates are inclusive of all taxes but do not include service charge. 

Signature Spa Journeys

Journey of Spring2 Hours2,570 THB
Journey of Summer2 Hours2,570 THB
Journey of Monsoon2 Hours2,570 THB
Journey of Autumn2 Hours2,570 THB
Journey of Winter2 Hours 30 Mins3,370 THB

Signature Massage Therapies

Lunar Massage60 mins1,400 THB
Lunar Massage90 mins2,000 THB
Solar Massage60 mins1,400 THB
Solar Massage90 mins2,000 THB
Star Massage60 mins1,400 THB
Star Massage90 mins2,000 THB

Traditional Massage Therapies

Classical Thai Massage60 mins1,400 THB
Classical Thai Massage90 mins2,000 THB
Indian Head Massage60 mins1,400 THB
Indian Head Massage + Hand Acupressure90 mins2,000 THB
Back & Shoulder Massage60 mins1,400 THB
Back & Shoulder Massage + Herbal Compress90 mins2,000 THB
Detox Massage60 mins1,600 THB
Detox Massage + Cupping Therapy90 mins2,200 THB
Thai Herbal Massage90 mins2,200 THB
Bamboo Massage90 mins2,200 THB
Hot Stone Massage90 mins2,200 THB
Cupping Therapy30 mins800 THB
Cupping Massage90 mins2,200 THB
Foot Acupressure60 mins1,000 THB
Pregnancy Massage with Salt Compress90 mins2,200 THB

Facial Treatment

Museflower Natural Hydrating Facial60 mins1,400 THB
Golden Silk Radiance Facial75 mins2,900 THB

Body Treatment

Dried Mangosteen Peel Body Scrub60 mins1,400 THB
Himalayan Crystal Pink Salt Body Scrub60 mins1,400 THB
Himalayan Black Salt Body Scrub60 mins1,400 THB
Himalayan Crystal Pink Salt Body Peel60 mins1,400 THB
Himalayan Crystal Pink Salt Body Scrubssage60 mins1,400 THB
Detoxifying Green Clay Body Wrap90 mins1,700 THB

Spa Facilities

Spa Wet Facilities One-Time PassFor 1 Time200 THB per person

No Service Charge Policy

We believe that you have the right to reward our staff or not based on their performance and service to you. 

Hence, we do not apply any service charges to our rates. 

If you are happy with the service of our team, kindly leave them a gratuity at the reception.

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