Traditional Therapies

Traditional Thai Massage Copy

Classical Thai Massage

Thailand’s best-known spa treatment, Thai massage uses pressure points and gentle body stretching to re-awaken the body’s energy flow by stimulating the meridians (energy channels). This treatment is practiced fully-clothed and without oil.

 *Note: there is no twisting or  bone cracking performed in our Thai massage style

Pressure: medium to strong

- 60 / 90 minutes -

Thai Herbal Massage

Combining traditional Thai massage with the use of freshly made Thai heated herbal compresses, this natural Thai spa treatment helps to improve blood circulation, ease aches and re-energize the whole being. This treatment is offered without oil. 

Pressure: medium

- 90 minutes -

Indian Head Massage

Inspired by the traditional “Champissage” from India, this treatment combines both gentle and stimulating techniques on the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp to improve blood flow and relieve stress. Coconut oil is used to nourish the hair and scalp.

In the 90-minute treatment, a stimulating acupressure hand massage is added to help release tension in the arms and hands from using computers and tech devices. 

Pressure: medium

- 60 minutes -

- 90 minutes (with Hand Acupressure) -

Back & Shoulder Massage

Relieve stiffness from your back and shoulder with this reviving upper body massage. Finish with a face and scalp massage for complete relaxation.

In the 90-minute treatment, warm herbal compress will be added to treat the back and shoulders to help release any aches and pains. 

Pressure: medium to strong

- 60 minutes - 

- 90 minutes (with Herbal Compress) -

Detox Massage

An invigorative and firming massage specifically targeting concerned areas of cellulite such as abdomen and thighs, to stimulate blood flow and to help tighten and tone your muscles using our signature detox blend.

In the 90-minute treatment, cupping therapy will be added in the back area to help draw out toxins.

*Note: This treatment is NOT a full body massage

Pressure: medium

- 60 minutes -

- 90 minutes (with Cupping Therapy) -

Bamboo Massage

A detoxifying deep tissue aroma massage using natural bamboo sticks to release tension on muscles and to improve blood circulation. Ideal for guests looking for release knots in the muscles.

 Pressure: medium to strong

-  90 minutes -

Hot Stone Massage (Available after May 1, 2018)

Melt away your stress and worries with this relaxing hot stone massage, where the therapist uses warm stones to massage your body and to ease muscle tension. 

Pressure: medium

-90 minutes -

*available after May 1, 2018*

Foot Acupressure

One of the most popular Thai spa treatments, foot massage kneads the reflex points on the feet that correspond to every organ and gland in the body. Begin with a foot soak and a shoulder massage to release tension, then enjoy the gentle healing of foot massage stimulation of the autonomic nervous, lymphatic and circulation systems. Ideal to improve circulation and help tired feet to recuperate.

Pressure: medium

- 60 minutes - 

Cupping Therapy

Originating from ancient Egypt and China, cupping therapy is a natural therapy that’s been used for centuries to stimulate and activate the body’s own natural self-healing power.

Glass cups are first heated with a flame and then immediately placed on the back. The warm air inside the heated cups creates suction on the muscles. This allows blood vessels to expand and redden.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, cupping therapy is believed to help relieve muscle tension, as well as to improve blood circulation and help with respiratory symptoms. Our therapist will start with a warming oil back massage to release any tension and relax the body, and then apply the cups on your back for about ten to fifteen minutes.

*Note: It is normal to have red to purple marks on the back after a cupping treatment. The darker the mark is, the more toxins it has released from the body. 

Pressure: medium

- 30 minutes -

Cupping Massage

A unique and effective healing massage that combines ancient Chinese natural healing and Western touch. Begin with a relaxing aromatic massage to warm and relax tired muscles, followed by fire cupping along the meridian lines to help draw out toxins and stimulate a free flow of energy within your body.

*Note: It is normal to have red to purple marks on the back after a cupping treatment. The darker the mark is, the more toxins it has released from the body.

Pressure: soft to medium

- 90 minutes -

Pregnancy Massage

A pampering massage with warm salt compress for the mother-to-be during your second trimester to soothe any aching muscles and to uplift your mood.

*Note: We only offer spa treatment for pregnant guests in their second trimester (month 4-6) with sweet almond oil.

 Pressure: soft

-90 minutes –

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