Youmin Yap

About Youmin Yap, Rest Coach & Forest Therapy Guide/Trainer

Youmin serves as a rest coach. As Southeast Asia’s pioneer certified forest therapy guide and trainer, her approach to rest for well-being is down-to-earth and nature-inspired. With her background in other practices including yoga nidra and mindfulness, she blends and curates experiences purposefully and heartfully.

Based in Singapore, Youmin supports stressed out and disconnected city dwellers on their well-being journeys. She holds safe and brave spaces for people to journey gently, to return to bodies and senses, to re-member with the basics – Nature, our true nature, slowness, simplicity, awe and wonder.

Youmin holds this quote from Lofttan dearly to her heart, and it informs many of her workshops “I don’t have any magic to give you. I’m here to help you remember your own.”. She founded Xiu Nature Connections, the winner of an outstanding wellness experience award.

Youmin will be co-facilitating the Sacred Rest with Nature: a Soulful Retreat at Museflower with Tania from Nov 29 to Dec 4, 2024.

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