Press Release Museflower retreat & spa, Chiang Rai’s first vegetarian Holistic Retreat, sets a new standard for Thailand wellness

Press Release
Museflower retreat & spa, Chiang Rai’s first vegetarian Holistic Retreat, sets a new standard for Thailand wellness

Chiang Rai, Thailand – Museflower Retreat & Spa sets a new standard for holistic wellness in the peaceful green hills of northern Thailand. Located in the world-famous Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Burma and Laos meet, this area once notorious for its opium trade is a popular destination for a new breed of eco-travellers looking for nature, hilltribe culture, fantastic temples, and now – wellness travel.

Thailand, often called the “Spa Capital of Asia”, sees many new spa and wellness retreats opening, mostly in Bangkok and the southern islands.

Yet Museflower Retreat & Spa is not a typical place offering just massages and yoga class. It raises the bar for holistic offerings in this region with these “firsts” for not just Thailand’s, but also Southeast Asia’s wellness scene:

Chiang Rai’s first all-inclusive vegetarian holistic wellness retreat and spa – Dedicated to offering holistic wellness at a reasonable price to make it accessible to all budgets, the room rate includes 3 vegetarian buffet meals per day, plus a complimentary daily fitness class. Six cozy cottages clustered on a lake offer 16 rooms that can hold up to 36 guests. It opens up Thailand’s misty north as an alternative to the southern islands for wellness retreats and health holidays.

Thailand’s first Himalayan crystal salt pool – Himalayan crystal salt, also known as Himalayan pink salt, contains 84 minerals and is known as the world’s purest salt. It has many healing and detoxifying benefits when consumed or applied on the body. Museflower’s Himalayan salt swimming pool is a healing, chemical-free pool that helps gently detoxify the body and softens the skin as well. It is the north’s first ozonized outdoor pool, and is solar heated for swimming in cooler weather.

The world’s first venue to offer Japanese Hado counseling sessions outside Japan – The Hado Kaizen Program is a new holistic therapy from Japan developed by renowned Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Healing Power of Water. The Hado device measures a person’s bio-energetic state and the negative vibrations that affect a person’s health, such as negative emotions, toxins, viruses, or body imbalances. Then a personalized Hado water is made imprinted with positive vibrations to neutralize the negative vibrations, and thus rebalance the body’s energy. Museflower is the first retreat and spa in the world offering this program to its guests, and the first in the world offering it in English.

Guests can also enjoy Museflower’s other unique facilities and offerings:

  • On-site Organic Farm, Duck Egg Farm, Fruit Orchard and Aquaponic Garden
  • Boutique selling holistic health products, herbal teas, books, CDs, and more
  • Yoga, wellness, meditation, reiki and creative retreats and workshops
  • Retreat Rental for teachers/groups who want a place to hold workshops, training courses, classes, corporate health retreats
  • Peaceful country surroundings for nature walks, bike rides, bird watching

Museflower focuses on sustainable, green practices such as energy-saving solar power, chemical-free organic products, aquaponic vegetables, fresh farm-to-kitchen cuisine, and supporting the local community by sourcing locally as much as possible, among other practices.

Museflower Retreat & Spa was created by young wellness entrepreneur Tania Ho, a Hong Kong native and graduate of the prestigious Cornell University School of Hotel Management in New York, where she specialized in Spa Management. Bringing her professional experience as a former spa management executive with Six Senses Resorts & Spas, Tania was driven to create Museflower when her personal experiences with holistic healing helped heal from difficult challenges in her own life, and became a passion to share its benefits with others.

Says Tania, “There are many great destination spas and health resorts in Thailand, but most of them are luxury resorts with high-end prices, which can make it out of reach for some people who need wellness support and simply want holistic healing without all the luxury surroundings.  At Museflower we aim to provide holistic wellness in a more casual, homey setting, allowing our guests to reconnect back to nature, enjoy fresh air, clean fresh vegetarian food, and ultimately reconnect back to themselves.”

For regular travellers, Museflower Retreat & Spa is also simply a cozy, homey, cottage hotel for anyone who loves nature, vegetarian food and a quiet, clean, green escape from the stressful city. Launched in late 2014, Museflower Retreat & Spa quickly gained recognition for its delicious, fresh, organic vegetarian cuisine and as Chiang Rai’s premier holistic wellness center for the local community, eco travellers, and vegetarian travellers.

Museflower Retreat & Spa is recognized on many media Top Lists and Best Retreats Lists, and featured in many international newspapers and magazines.