2 Powerful Journaling Prompts for the New Year

December tends to fly by so quickly in a blink with a whirlwind of events and celebrations. And then before we know it, it’s already the new year.

If you can find some solo down time before or after the holiday season, I’d highly recommend doing some journaling on your own to take a pause and reflect on what you’d like to manifest and create for the new year.

This can help us feeling more centered and grounded entering the new year, instead of feeling scattered and all over the place.

Today I’d like to share with you two of my favorite journaling prompts that can help us tap into our heart’s true calling.

Are you ready to be 100% honest with yourself now?

If so, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, set a timer for 5 minutes, pick up a pen and your journal (or just some paper), and start writing.

1. If money and people and time were not a problem, what would I do?

In other words, if you have all the money in the world, if everyone around you supports you no matter what, and you have all the time you need, what would you do? Is there anything you would do differently than now? Is there anything that you would jump straight right in and do it now?

After writing the answer, you don’t need to act on it right away. Rather, take the time to reflect and sit with the answer. You may notice your fears or limiting beliefs that you may have that are stopping you from doing what your heart is calling you to. If so, write them all down in your journal. You don’t need to find any solution yet. Just becoming aware of your inner thoughts and feelings are already good enough.

And if you feel ready to act on it, set an intention for the new year that you will follow through.

2. If I only have 24 more hours to live, what would I do now?

To some, thinking of death may be grim, but to me, it reminds me that we are only here on earth for a finite amount of time. Imagine if we know when we will die, would your priorities change then?  How would you like to spend your last hours?

This journaling prompt reminds us what is truly most important for us, and we can take the answer to reflect on how we are setting our priorities in our daily basis.


Now that you have your answers, hopefully they can provide you some clarity on how you’d like to shape your 2024.

If you find yourself stopping yourself from doing what your heart calls you to (aka your answer to both questions), ask yourself in a non-judgmental way, what is truly stopping you? What is the belief, or the narrative that you are telling yourself? And is this thought truly serving you, or is it stopping you from doing what your heart desires?

To take the next step into focusing on what you’d like to manifest for the new year, you can:

  • Set an intention for the new year – check out my blog here
  • Create your vision mandala for clarity – learn to do it in my self-paced online course here 
  • Join our special year-end wellness classes to release what no longer serves you and to gain clarity on what you want to manifest for 2024 (see below for more information)

I hope you enjoy these journaling prompts today.

If you need more support, I’m here for you! Feel free to drop me any questions about journaling here.

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