[Free Recording] 5 Meditation Styles that Engage Your 5 Senses Workshop on June 18, 2023

When was this class?

This workshop took place on Instagram Live as a collaboration with Bliss Bash 2023 Singapore on June 18, 2023.

What’s this class about?

We already know the many benefits of meditation, such as boosting our immune system, lowering stress, and increasing feelings of happiness and well-being. Now the question is how to get started with meditation? In this 60-minute online workshop, Tania will introduce 5 meditation styles that you can use at home that will engage each of your five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Engaging our five senses can help bring our wandering mind back to focus, and to guide us to the place of stillness and calm within.

Your Facilitator:

Tania Ho, owner and founder of Museflower Retreat & Spa and meditation teacher

Who’s this class for?

  • A beginner in meditation who just wants to dip your toe to try it out
  • A failed meditator who is looking to give meditation a second chance
  • A regular who wants to get some new ideas
  • Anyone who is just plain curious
*Turn-on closed captions for a better viewing experience
Let’s Get Started in Meditation
Discover the Power of Mantra Together in Online 1-Week Mantra Magic Challenge

Date: July 8 – 15, 2023


2 x Sat workshops from 4 – 5.30pm Thailand time

6 x Daily japa practice Sunday to Friday from 9 – 9.20am Thailand time

Mantra is a Sanskrit word that means “tool of the mind and a sacred formula”. As we repeat the same mantra over and over, we can harmonize our energy with the same frequency.

In this one-week mantra magic challenge, we will learn the mantra to remove obstacles in our lives, represented by the energy of Lord Ganesha. In the two Saturday workshops, we will practice the mantra in meditation and kirtan together as a group, and we will also have a chance to share our experience. In the other weekdays, we will be practicing the japa (repetition of the mantra) as our daily meditation practice. There will also be simple daily exercises that invite you to delve deeper into the energy of the mantra, such as journaling, and setting intention.

Ganesha is the elephant-headed deity who is the lord of removal of obstacles and represents wisdom. As we chant the mantra in his name, we are bringing forth these divine qualities that are already within us into our lives.

If you want to learn and experience the magic of mantra in your daily life, this one-week challenge is for you.