What is Orgonite and How does it work exactly?

Carol Kandell, a healing artist originally from the US and has moved to live in Koh Samui 8 years ago, is the artist who created the orgonite pieces for me personally and for our shop.

Carol has kindly answered some of my technical questions on what orgonite is and the different uses of orgonite.

To check out Carol’s work and orgonite collection (and maybe even order a customized piece from her because it’s totally worth it), visit her website here: https://www.poweredbygraceorgonite.com/

You can also check out my story on How Orgonite Saved me from EMF for my first-hand experience using orgonite.

Carol is the healing artist who created the orgonite pieces

1.) What is Orgonite and how does it work exactly? And why does it work?

Orgonite is a healing technology which transmutes negative energies like EMF’s into positive, life force energy (aka chi, prana) by pressurizing crystals inside resin using metal as a conductor. It harnesses a unit of energy called the orgone. The orgone was discovered by an Austrian scientist in the 1930’s named Wilhelm Reich.  Orgone is present inside and outside the human body. Reich discovered a way to harness this energy by layering organic and inorganic materials.

When we layer organic materials of a high frequency (crystals) and inorganic material which is conductive (metal), this mixture acts as a magnet for orgone energy. Essentially it scrambles EMF’s creating something called a piezoelectric charge which cleans up our magnetic field.

When we hold, wear or stand next to an orgone device, negative energy will dissipate from our magnetic field creating a more balanced and healthy state.

It has been said that people who live in homes containing orgonite appear to experience better sleep, less sickness, anxiety and aggression. Some even claim it helps with asthma and migraines.


2.) What are the different types of orgonites out there (like pyramids, pendants, etc)? Do the different shapes have different effects or more like an aesthetic preference?

There are innumerable molds which can be used to create a piece of orgonite including “tower busters” in the shape of a muffin tin; pyramids; pendants and hearts. The most essential thing is that you have proper layers of quartz crystal and metal inside the resin in order to have an effective piece.  People tend to like the sacred geometry of the pyramid and it is said that the corners and points make it ideal for attracting and removing energy.

The orgonite pendant with shungite that I wear to protect me from EMF

3.) In what ways can we use orgonite?

Yes. Orgonite can effectively be placed near WiFi modems/routers to combat the electromagnetic frequencies they emit. You can place one near your laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Some people have told me they sleep with a piece under their pillow (the hearts) and claim they have more restful sleep. I have a pyramid fastened to each side of my bed’s headboard and my sleep is deeper since their arrival.

You can place them inside or outside of planter boxes to help your plants or veggies grow—they’re great in gardens.

Keep one next to your microwave if you use one. I also keep one (a heart) in my refrigerator with my veggies and I swear they last longer!

I’ve also made pieces for my friends’ animals—dog collar charms. Our furry friends can use extra protection too!

Wherever you place your orgonite, in your home, office, on your body or in your pocket, you will be cleaning up your environment.

My two beautiful customized orgonite pieces from Carol

4.) How should we choose our piece of orgonite?

The best way to choose a piece of orgonite is by using your intuition. See what you feel drawn to. I believe crystals choose their owners so stay open to the one you feel called to.


5.) Can we learn how to make our own orgonite, just wondering?

Absolutely. If you’re feeling crafty and inspired, you can most certainly make your own orgonite. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube. Just keep in mind that you will need a properly ventilated area and a good respirator mask as the resin, when still liquid, emits fumes that we shouldn’t be breathing. It’s also quite messy so be sure you have a designated area and all the right equipment before you begin.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the energy with which you make the pieces matters, as crystals absorb the energies around them. This is why I love to create after I meditate. I invite Universal Life Force energy in to inspire the process. I also play high frequency music during the curing process and charge the pieces in sunlight and bathe them in moonlight. Full moon is best!


6.) What’s the difference between using orgonite and crystal?

Crystals have a high frequency so they feel good to be around but don’t necessarily transmute negative energies. They simply emit positive energy. Orgonite acts like a little vacuum cleaner for EMF’s, pulling in the negative energy, scrambling it up and transforming it into orgone/positive life-enhancing energy.

My personal orgonite piece on my meditation altar created by Carol

7.) If people have more questions on orgonite and its benefits, do you have any resources / links to share?

I would recommend the books of Wilhelm Reich if someone wanted to take a deeper dive into the science.


Another good reference link shared by our other guest to learn more about orgonite is here: https://www.wikihow.com/Use-Orgonite/Orgone

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