How Orgonite Saved me from EMF

I can finally sit in my office again and I have a piece of orgonite to thank for it.

Here’s my story….

Last August since our internet equipment was struck down by lightning, we had problems with our internal wifi network constantly. The internet was working but it was slow, or it was not working all of the sudden.

So I decided to upgrade our internal network system, as it was difficult for both our team and guests to access stable internet.

The main wifi router and internet equipment were fixed at the top right corner of our reception office wall, and they were about less than 2 meters away from my desk.

That was when the problem started. When I sat to work by my desk, I started to feel nauseous after a short while. I could feel this unsettling vibration around me and a pressure on my head, and the nauseous feelings persisted even after I left the office.

I knew right away that it was EMF (electricmagnetic fields) from the internet equipment.

The same thing happened to me before right when we first setup the wifi at Museflower about 8 years ago. Whenever I entered the office, I could feel pain like pins and needles stabbing my head. Because it only happened when I stepped into the office, I knew it was the EMF emitted from the wifi router.

At that time someone recommended using Tesla plates, a technology invented by Nikola Tesla that could help protect us from EMF (learn more about Tesla plates here). I had a black Tesla plate placed under the wifi router, a black Tesla plate under my laptop, and I wore a necklace with a black Tesla disc. Since then, I didn’t feel the pins and needles anymore.

Distance between my working desk and wifi box in Museflower's office

Hello 5G

Fast forward to January 2023, the black tesla plates couldn’t help me anymore.

I got the internet alright, but I was also exiled from my office. I had to move myself to work at the butterfly room just behind the lobby, or stayed at my home office.

Was I going to be exiled from the office forever? I seriously thought to myself.

My last resort was something I’ve never used but have heard of – orgonite. A friend of mine connected me previously with his friend who lives on Koh Samui who makes orgonite pieces. So I decided to text her and ask for her help.

In comes Carol Kandell, a healing artist originally from the US and has moved to live in Koh Samui 8 years ago. She is a certified holistic health practitioner, craniosacral therapist, and mindful sexuality coach. Since COVID, her hands-on healing work was put on a halt, and so she started to delve deep into making orgonites and creating personalized pieces for her clients.

Carol is the healing artist who created the orgonite pieces

So what is orgonite and how does it work exactly?

According to Carol, orgonite is a healing technology that transmutes negative energies like EMF’s into positive, life force energy (aka chi, prana) by pressurizing crystals inside resin using metal as a conductor. It harnesses a unit of energy called the orgone. The orgone was discovered by an Austrian scientist in the 1930’s called Wilhelm Reich.  Orgone is present inside and outside the human body. Reich discovered a way to harness this energy by layering organic and inorganic materials.

When we layer organic materials of a high frequency (crystals) and inorganic material which is conductive (metal), this mixture acts as a magnet for orgone energy. Essentially it scrambles EMF’s creating something called a piezoelectric charge which cleans up our magnetic field.

When we hold, wear or stand next to an orgone device, negative energy will dissipate from our magnetic field creating a more balanced and healthy state.

It has been said that people who live in homes containing orgonite appear to experience better sleep, less sickness, anxiety and aggression. Some even claim that it helps with asthma and migraines.

How Orgonite saved me

When I explained my situation to Carol, she immediately understood what I needed. She suggested a few options and I decided to go for a customized orgonite piece that I could put on top of the wifi box, and another piece for my work desk (which I later place in my meditation room and home office instead).

Carol asked me some questions for my personal preferences to get the creative process started, such as my favorite stones, crystals, colors, any specific issues for healing such as anxiety, sleep disturbances, physical ailments besides EMF protection, any things I’d like to call in more such as love, support, any symbols that I feel drawn to such as flower of life, infinity symbol, or inspiration quotes, any animals I like and if I feel strongly connected to my astrological sign.

Carol started her creative process by checking with my personal preferences first
Carol pouring the material into the mold to make the orgonite pieces

The creation process took about 3 weeks to complete and Carol was texting me updates here and there. I really appreciated her staying in touch, and by mid-February both pieces were ready.

By end of February the pieces arrived at Chiang Rai, and I was beyond excited when I saw them. Both pieces were so beautiful, and I felt so touched and blessed too. It was the first time that I had a healing art piece customized just for me, and it felt so special that a part of me was even doubting what I did to deserve such beauty.

I brought the piece for the office to test it out right away. I also bought an orgonite pendant from Carol with shungite in it, a black crystal stone known for EMF protection.

At first I placed the orgonite pyramid on the left side of the wifi box where I also had the black tesla plate. But I could still feel the EMF. And it didn’t feel or look right. So I moved the pyramid to the right side of the wifi box, and at that time I could still feel nauseous.

Uh oh, I thought, maybe even the orgonite couldn’t save me.

Where I placed the orgonite on top of the wifi box

It took a little while but it was almost like I could feel the EMF around me being harmonized. I could feel the EMF less and less on a physical level, and I could definitely feel an energy shift in the office.

I shared my experience with Carol later, and she also mentioned that she had heard from other clients that sometimes orgonite takes time to harmonize the energy with the new environment.

I’m happy to report now that I can sit at my desk in Museflower’s office again without being affected by the EMF. Orgonite saved me.

Thank you Universe for guiding me.

My two beautiful customized orgonite pieces from Carol
A close up of the orgonite used at the office

To learn more about Carol’s work and check out her orgonite collection, visit her website here:

Some of Carol’s orgonite pieces are also available for sell in our shop at Museflower.  She has especially created six pyramid pieces just for Museflower.

To learn more about what orgonite is, Carol has answered a few technical questions about orgonite in our next blog here: What is orgonite and how does it work exactly?

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