6 Ways on How Dreams Can Help You

Since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated by dreams.

I always remember my dreams, and by the time I was a teenager, I’ve learned to write them down in my journal. I even bought one of Robert Moss’ books on dreams, but of course at that time I didn’t really understand what I was reading (and now I couldn’t find the book to read it again).

I’m no expert in dreams. There are a lot of dream teachers out there, such as Robert Moss, if this is something you are interested to learn more.

But my dreams have always been a way for me to understand what’s going on in my inner world.

I believe that dreams serve as a gateway to help us understand our subconscious and unconscious minds better.

Sometimes, dreams can be symbolic and I feel like I’m receiving a direct message from the Universe.

Sometimes, I have intense feelings from my dream and I see dreams as a way to help me work through those feelings or just to release them.

Sometimes, my dreams just help me process my thoughts or observations the day before.

Not everything in a dream has to be symbolic though. We can fall down a rabbit hole when we try to overanalyze every element that happens in a dream, and that’s when we will get too much in our head.

Instead, let your heart and intuition guide you. I believe that our soul, our ancestors, helping spirits, and the Universe can speak to us through our dreams. Dreams are a beautiful way to explore our inner landscape too.

Based on my personal experience, here are 6 ways on how dreams can help you:

1. Receive a symbolic guidance from the Universe  

This is not often but when it happens, I can feel there’s something important that’s trying to come through in my dream. Sometimes when I’m in the dream and when I know that it’s important, I’ll try my best to remember it so I don’t forget (or try not to) when I do wake up.

Before my husband and I dated, I had a dream that I received a golden snake bangle from him but I had to give up something else like golden dishes. Interestingly in Thai culture, receiving jewelry from someone means that there is love/romance coming your way. Well, in my case, my dream was prophetic as my husband and I started dating officially half a year later.

2. Receive messages and guidance from ancestors

Though this only happened to me twice, but they were definitely important ones! Both the Chinese and English names of my elder son Mirren came through to me in my dreams.

When I was pregnant with Mirren, I had a dream of my grandfather from my father’s side visiting. I’ve never met him in real life as he passed before I was born, so naturally in the dream I didn’t see any image. It could only be explained as a deeper knowing, and I saw three Chinese characters in the dream which I knew was going to be the Chinese name for my son.

3. Release any repressed feelings

One time in my dream I was extremely angry that I felt like I was a volcano exploding. I couldn’t remember what the story was in the dream. When I woke up and remembered that intense anger, I was like wow, I didn’t know that I had that in me.

Instead of overanalyzing why that would be, I felt that it was just one way my body intelligence was helping me to release any repressed feelings and I thank the dream for that!

4. Experience feelings that we want in real life

Sometimes I’d meet celebrity crushes in my dreams, or I’d experience very empowering adventures, and when I wake up in the morning, I feel that my mood is lifted and like anything is possible.

I’m very grateful for these types of dreams, because they remind me that we can recreate feelings that we want to experience in real life. For example, if I’m feeling nervous about teaching an upcoming workshop, I’d remember my dream of feeling powerful and confident, and I can allow that confidence to come through in my real life.

5. Spend time with a deceased loved one

When my dad passed away suddenly, I missed the chance to say anything meaningful to him before he passed. Our last discussion on the phone was about the tsunami that hit Japan back in March 2011.

With his death, I’ve learned and understood a lot more about different dimensions that the Shamans and other ancient cultures had talked about.

In my own experience, I truly believe that there are other dimensions out there and only because we are in one and can only see one, it doesn’t mean that other dimensions don’t exist. The analogy I like to use is TV channels. Just because we are watching one channel now, it doesn’t mean that other channels do not exist. And I believe that dreams are a gateway for our souls to access these different dimensions too.

I’ve met and hung out with my dad many times in my dreams since he passed. In most of these dreams, I didn’t even remember that he was no longer physically alive in real life.

To me, I know that it is my dad visiting and letting me know that he’s okay, and that he’s looking after me from another dimension. And how cool that we can still hang out in our dreams.

6. Lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming means that inside the dream, we are actually aware that we are dreaming. We can then regain control of what happens in our dreams, kind of like Inception the movie.

Lucid dreaming can be a very powerful experience since we can basically do anything we want in a dream without any consequences (like when we jump off a building to fly).

According to Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, lucid dreaming can help us cultivate more self-awareness, and explore the creative power of the mind.

I don’t always get to lucid dream (though it is a technique one can learn), but when I do, I feel very empowered and free to do whatever I like. That’s when I love to jump off wherever I am and fly.


Dreams are such an important gateway for us to tap into our inner world and other dimensions.

It is confirmed by scientific research that we humans dream every night, but we may not recall the dreams.

When we start to recognize the impact of dreams in our lives, and how dreams can help us, we can start to build a better connection with our dream world and use our dreams to understand ourselves better.

We all dream every night – so let your dreams speak to you.


Andrew Holecek, “Five Benefits of Lucid Dreaming”, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health: https://kripalu.org/resources/five-benefits-lucid-dreaming
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