Flower Message: Flow as the Wind

By Tania Ho
August 18, 2016

My Journey with This Week’s Museflower:

This week’s Museflower is reminding us to be light as a ‘fairy’. To flow and move as effortless and graceful as the wind.

How to do so?

Have the courage to trust the world again. And we begin with forgiveness.

Forgiveness is never easy. It’s a word that is easier said than done, for sure.

There is a Hawaiian ancient practice (or prayer) called Ho’oponopono for forgiveness. It goes like this:

I’m sorry, [name].

Please forgive me, [name].

Thank you, [name].

I love you, [name].

Just slot in the person’s name who you want to forgive. Make sure to include yourself by the way, and see how it feels. Observe any kind of emotions or feelings arising inside? Are there any images of people popping up in your mind that you want to say the forgiveness prayer to?

Trust your own feeling and just flow with it. See what unfolds.

Recently some of my ‘old stuff’ has resurfaced and it was definitely a big cleansing time for me.

This old stuff is related to two years ago when I split the business with my ex-business partner Katharina. This business breakup was not easy; it was really like a divorce when two people who were so close before suddenly have turned their back against each other.

There was a lot of hurt, anger, resentment and frustration from the split. Obviously, forgiveness was much needed in such situations. Not just for her, but for myself as well.

As much as I didn’t want to admit, even after two years, a part of me was still resentful and afraid of getting hurt again by a friend and teacher I once trusted.

About one week ago, my friend and Well Being Mentor Dorinda Berry was here at Museflower from New Zealand. She had to go to Phuket for work and I invited her to come up here to help setting up crystal stones around the property. (I will share the entire journey and story in another blog article later).

Before Dorinda’s arrival, we spoke through skype and she asked me to start practicing the Ho’oponopono prayer. At first I told her I did that already before. She told me to do it again.

She reminded me that there were many layers with forgiveness. That was the same week as when I had an absolutely wonderful Fast Track Technique session with Jaz Goven by the way (again another story to share later). Everything fit so perfectly with the timing and all.

In my meditation that morning, I asked who I needed to forgive. To my surprise, it was not only Katharina, but many people who I knew through her.

It was not like they did anything wrong (well honestly in a big picture nobody really did anything wrong) that I needed to forgive them. But it’s more like a feeling that I feel sorry for what happened and because of that, we are not communicating anymore, or if we are, things are not the same as before.

A lot of times it seems to be easier to avoid doing any inner work because it hurts too much.

But when the time is ready, you will realize that it is simply effortless — just like the wind.

The help is always ready to be there, all you need to do is to invite the help into your life and say YES to the help. Listen to your intuition and you’ll know what that help is.

When you receive help, remember to be honest about your feelings. It is okay to feel vulnerable. Acknowledge them. Speak up about them.

Leave your judgment behind. Leave the filter behind. No one else is judging you except yourself.

When the help comes, all you need to do is just to respond with an open heart.

Like this flower, it looks like like an open palm, readily receiving the gifts from the Universe, allowing Grace to flow through its life.

Don’t be afraid to cry, to feel stupid, to feel angry. These all will pass — like the wind, singing a song. This song will pass, and another one will come.

In many modern societies, we always celebrate the concept of ‘work hard play hard’. But in fact, all work is effortless when we just trust, let go, and surrender. We always receive the help we need.

Blue glory flower reminds us to have the courage to be vulnerable, to communicate our true feelings. Once we are open to receive the help we need, we can break out of the cocoon and transform into beautiful butterflies.

Unbalanced Aspect:

The unbalanced Forgiveness Fairy is the one who refuses to admit any negative feelings she has.

Because she wants to be portrayed as a role of a ‘Fairy’ and appears to be calm and light (often a teacher, an authority figure, a spiritual yogi, a strong parent or boss), she doesn’t want to admit and embrace the anger, resentment, or frustration that she might still hold on to.

The unbalanced Forgiveness Fairy does not admit that she needs ‘help’. It could be because of pride, or simply she chooses to avoid listening to her own true feelings deep down.

She has incredible strength and stamina to keep on pushing through with life. But life seems to take a lot of effort to make things work or ‘right’. When one problem is resolved, another problem arises, and she doesn’t understand why life is so difficult and filled with challenges all the time.

She complains that no one helps her and that all hardship befalls on her alone, but yet she has all the help she needs, all she needs to do is to ask.

It’s common to see the unbalanced Forgiveness Fairy to act as a martyr. Sometimes she would rather ‘die’ than to ask for help in order to appear weak. Yet she is jealous of those who seem to live life effortlessly and gracefully, and is resentful when others do not offer to help — even though she will decline the help anyway.

Balanced Aspect:

The balanced Forgiveness Fairy knows that even though no one really has done anything wrong in a big picture, she still acknowledges the negative feelings she may have from lessons arising between two people — hurt, anger, resentment, frustration, and fear.

She faces her own feelings truthfully and is willing to work on herself so she can grow and evolve.

She follows her gut feelings, and asks for help when she needs it. When she receives help, she doesn’t hold anything back. She has the courage to show her vulnerable side, and allows herself to express her true feelings without judging.

To others, her life seems to be in the flow all the time. Of course she also encounters challenges, but because she trusts that she receives help when she asks for it, she rises above these challenges gracefully.

To the balanced Forgiveness Fairy, life is not about hardship or suffering. To her, it’s fun and meaningful and constantly filled with miracles.


Museflower retreat and spa blue glory flower flower message courage to be vulnerable


Does this week’s flower message resonate with you? Have you experienced what I have? If so, I would love to know. Please share your comment below.

Knowing that someone actually reads and appreciates this message really help me keep on writing.

Thank you!


What is Flower Message?

With every flower message, I sit down with the flower and listen with my intuition. I will first start one sentence that summarizes the topic of this week’s flower. I will also use a nickname for the flower instead of using its official name. The nickname is usually related to the flower’s topic. Then I will delve into what the unbalanced and balanced aspect of the flower. In some way when we resonate with the topic of this flower, it’s because we have some part of the unbalanced aspect of the flower, and the flower will help bring us back to the balanced aspect. This is mostly a personal journey, but I realize sometimes other people do share what I’m going through at the same time. Hence the flower message is born.

How to Use this?

Observe and reflect if this week’s topic is relevant to you in any way. Do you notice the unbalanced aspect of the flower in you? Or do you feel balanced for this topic? Is this what you’ve been learning recently? Is this a topic that you resonate with? Meditate with the message. Have fun with it. Be mindful and most importantly, listen — listen to your soul’s voice within.

Why Flower Message?

Flowers and flower essences have always inspired me. They are my muse (hence — the brand name ‘Museflower’). Not only their beauty but their energy and the information they carry through are awe-inspiring. They are such a great healing tool in our spiritual journey and they love to help us humans.

Please return the love by appreciating the flowers you pass by. Sit down and listen to their stories. You will see that flowers have so much wisdom to share. Thank you.