Get Started with Your First Superpower – Meditation

By Tania Ho

February 28, 2020

Do you know we all have superpowers?

I enjoy a good superhero movie from time to time. It seems to me that there are more and more superhero movies being produced each year. Ironman. Spiderman. Wonder Woman.Black Panther. Captain America. Why do people enjoy superhero movies so much?

All the superheroes possess a gift, a gift that they are born with or “given” to by destiny. With the gift, it comes power. The power to change lives, for better or for worse. The superheroes are prompted by the villains of the movie (which are really just catalysts of change), to act, to learn how to harness their power, and to go through their own dark night of the soul.

They come out transformed, just like caterpillars turning into butterflies, and they become even stronger and more powerful than they once were.

I believe that we enjoy these movies so much because we resonate with the underlying theme – the superheroes found their purpose and their meaning through discovering and mastering their gifts. We too, yearn for knowing our purpose in life, to live with meaning.

And the good news – we can! The even better news – we all have unique gifts and superpowers that we are born with.

Unfortunately most of the time we don’t even realize it and are unaware of our potential. We are not taught in school to learn and master our gifts (lucky Harry Potter). We don’t talk about it or teach it because for the most part, people are not aware of their own power.

To begin with, we all have three superpowers: Meditation, Imagination, and Intuition. I highly recommend the book by spiritual author Sonia Choquette called “Your 3 Best Superpowers: Meditation, Imagination, Intuition”. Her book inspired me to create a series of “Superpower” classes as part of our new vibrational healing wellness classes.

The way I see it is like this diagram below:

We start with meditation, which works on the left brain so to speak. Meditation helps us to quiet down our mind, to observe our thoughts, and to help us better practice mindfulness in life. Meditation allows us to bypass the busy mind and to reach the stillness deep within.

Then, we have imagination, which stimulates creativity and works on the right brain. If we have imagination, we have creativity. It’s by having imagination that we can co-create the life that we want to live. Look around everything in your space now. Every chair, table, lamp, device can come into creation because of someone’s imagination. Pretty awesome right? Our brain and mind are very powerful. I highly recommend listening to famous brain coach, Jim Kwik’s podcast, to learn how we can reach our best potential with our brain power. (

Last but not least, it comes to intuition residing in our heart energy center. It’s our inner wisdom, inner compass that guides us in our life. It’s also the only sense that we cannot lose. We can lose any of our five senses but we cannot lose intuition. We can ignore intuition, disregard our intuitive guidance or our gut feeling, but deep down there’s always a sense of knowing, a niggle, as spiritual teacher Rebecca Campbell calls it. The niggle won’t go away until we face and acknowledge it.

Besides these three superpowers, we also have our own unique superpowers and gifts that can help us carry out our purpose in life. Our talents, skills, and sensitivities can point us into the direction of understanding more about our gifts.

More on this topic later in another blog.

Personally, I agree with Sonia Choquette that in her book she said meditation is really the basis of all. By starting to practice meditation daily, we can take a step back from the busyness and drama of our daily life, and tune into the subtle whispers of our body, our intuition, and the Universe.

So, how do we get started with meditation? Below are my tips:

1 – Join a group meditation class

The best way to get started with meditation is to join a group class. In a group environment and with the physical presence of a teacher, we can get deeper into the meditation without much distractions compared to when we are alone. If possible, find a local group meditation class in your area.

2 – Use a meditation app

If there’s no access to a group meditation class in your local area, or if you are traveling, the next best thing is to use a meditation app. I personally like Headspace, and I’ve practiced with their free meditations before which I find helpful. Headspace also uses animation to explain the concept of meditation in a simple and concise way. There are also other meditation apps such as Calm. Try out the free meditations from these apps first to see if you resonate with them.

See The Best Meditation App recommendations in 2019 by Oprah Magazine here:

3 – Listen to free quality meditations online

There are many free meditations online which are wonderful.

Here are a couple websites where you can find good quality meditations:
– Podcast: Hay House Meditations (free):
– Rebecca Campbell (free / paid):
– Gabrielle Bernstein (free / paid):

4 – Take our “Tapping into Your Superpower no. 1 – Meditation” class at Museflower Retreat & Spa

If you are visiting Museflower and are interested to get started with a regular meditation practice at home, consider taking our “Tapping into Your Superpower no. 1 – Meditation” class. It’s part of our vibrational healing wellness class series, and at least one vibrational healing wellness class is included in our yoga or spa retreat packages. In this 90-minute class, I share easy and simple meditations and tools to help you kickstart a regular meditation practice at home.

This year I also plan to create more meditations and classes online, so stay tuned!

Here’s a free online guided meditation by me made in 2017, free free to check it out:
Waterfall Sanctuary meditation:

5 – Bonus Tip: Creating Your Meditation Space at Home

Engage your five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) and think about how each sense can help you setup your space for meditation. For example, sight may be about lighting up a candle. Sound may be the type of meditation music you play, or the sound of a singing bowl. Smell may be the same incense you like to burn every time you meditate. Try to use the same things that stimulate your senses as you would every time you meditate. For example, play the same music, or use the same incense. This way it helps to signal your brain that it’s time to meditate, and it’s great way to develop a habit of meditating too.

For more tips on how to create your meditation space at home, check out this article:

Remember, you are not alone in this journey of life. We are the superheroes that we are waiting for. We can only make a difference in our lives and in this world starting by being connected with ourselves and our superpowers we all hold within the center of our being, one breathe at a time.