How to use Oracle Cards as a Divination Tool

Oracle card is a great tool to help us tune into our intuition and when we need something external to reconfirm our gut feeling.

First of all, what are oracle cards?

Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards, but to me, oracle cards are easier to understand and more user-friendly. Oracle cards usually have a picture, a message and a meaning attached to each individual card, and often card decks will have a general theme to tie all the meanings together, such as Spirit Animals, or Sacred cycles for example.

They can be used as a divination tool, which means through oracle cards, we can ask for guidance from the Universe (or whatever you like to call the bigger presence that is all around us) and receive answers and clarity to support where we are in our journeys.

The great thing about oracle cards is that anyone can read it. Personally I love to pick a card for myself every day as a reminder for myself to pay attention to what will unfold during the day. Sometimes the card reconfirms an intuitive hit, sometimes the card reminds me of a lesson being shown.

In today’s blog, I want to share with you some simple tips and steps on how you can use oracle cards for yourself at home.

1. Opening sacred space

Whenever possible, it’s great to setup a sacred space where you will be drawing cards. It can be by your meditation corner or altar, or anywhere in your house where you set an intention to open sacred space. One way to do so is to call upon your spiritual support team and to invoke their blessings and protection. Another way is to clear the energy in the space through smudging (check out my blog here for 3 ways to clear your energy field).

2. Activating / Connecting to your card deck

If you are opening a new card deck, you can check out the booklet inside whether or not the author offers guidance on activating the cards.

If not, you can hold the card deck in front of your heart energy center which is the middle of your chest in a fan shape, and take three deep breaths to bring your awareness back into your body and the present moment.

Bring your awareness to connect to your heart energy center. Feel the connection with the card deck from your heart center, and ask your card deck to always show you guidance for your highest good and thank the card deck for its support.

3. Asking the right question before picking the cards

When you are ready to pick your cards, take a couple deep breaths just to bring your awareness back to the present moment. Drop your awareness into your heart energy center which is in the middle of your chest.

Shuffle the cards any way you want as you ask the question in your mind. The question can be related to a specific area of concern in your life, or just a general message of the day.

Sample questions for guidance:

  • What is the Universe’s message for me today?
  • What is my lesson regarding _____ (topic of concern in your life)?
  • What is the outcome if I choose to _____ (if you are trying to make a decision between 2 or more choices)? You can pick one card for each choice to compare the outcomes.


Do note that it’s very difficult for cards to show you an answer:

x When certain things will happen (prediction with a time frame)

x Yes/no question

x When you are emotionally attached to the outcome

The author of the oracle card deck will often suggest different spreads or ways to read the cards which you can also follow easily.

Remember that oracle cards are not a fortune-telling tool (at least that’s not how I use them for). The cards can show us the general next step as a projection based on our current energy level, but in my experience it’s very difficult to show an exact time frame of what will happen in the future.

4. Picking & Reading cards

Pick a card from the deck and read the message on the card and also from the booklet. Pay attention to the details of the image of the card, and observe if there are any thoughts and feelings arising within you. These impressions are usually how our intuition speaks to us through the cards.

5. Cleansing the card deck

It is important to cleanse the energy of the card deck once in a while. Here are some general tips on how to cleanse your deck, and remember always to follow your intuition:

  • Setting an intention to cleanse the deck energetically in your mind
  • Smudging around the deck
  • Spraying a cleansing mist above the deck
  • Using sound, such as singing bowls or tuning forks
  • Knocking 3 times on the deck

Card Tip: If you plan to offer card readings for others, you may want to keep one card deck separately just for reading, and another card deck for yourself.


Just like any skill or craft, the more we practice with picking and reading cards, the better we get at it. Doing card reading for yourself is such a beautiful tool to add to your spiritual practice, and also a great way to strengthen your connection to your intuition and to the Universe.

Got more questions with using oracle cards?

Feel free to share with me here, I’d love to hear from you.

 Want More Clarity
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Sometimes we may need help from others to read oracle cards for us, especially when we are very emotionally attached to the outcome / answers to the questions we want to ask.

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