Intuition vs. Ego: How Do They Sound Different?

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Intuition is our inner compass, inner GPS that guides us in our lives so we can carry out our soul purpose here in this life. I believe that one way our soul or inner voice speaks to us is through our intuition. Truly intuition is a superpower that we all have. And it is also the only sense compared to your other five senses that you cannot never lose.

So how do we know how our intuition sounds like or feels like?

I do want to note that for different people they may experience their intuition in different ways. For someone who is more visual, they may see an image in their mind’s eye. For someone who’s a more auditory learner, they may hear a message. For someone else they may feel it in their body or have a deep sense of knowing. The more you practice with listening to your intuition, the better you get at understanding how your intuition speaks to you.

How Does Intuition Sound Like?

In today’s blog I want to share with you how intuition sounds like in general, and how you can tell the difference between your intuition and your ego.

I’m going to use the word LISTEN as an acronym. Listening is a very powerful spiritual tool, and so is seeing – we all have two eyes and two ears, and only one nose and one mouth.


L stands for Loving

Since our intuition is coming from our heart space, we can feel it as a kind and loving message, very gentle, and it is not forceful.


I stands for Inspiring

Now inspiring here doesn’t mean that it has to be something grand or a complete revelation. Inspiring here just means that it sparks something or stirs something up within you in the heart space. An emotion perhaps.  And sometimes it is okay to stir up some negative emotion or resistance too. Our intuition always tells us what we need to hear instead of what we want to hear.


S stands for Soft

A lot of people describe their intuition as a soft whisper. Of course if you have always been listening to your intuition and are confident with trusting your intuition, then it may sound louder. Or if you are in an emergency situation, you may hear it with a strong sense of urgency. But usually on a daily basis it comes as a soft gentle whisper.


T stands for Truthful

Soul Writing Founder and author Dr. Sarah Walton talks about truth holding a certain kind of frequency, and we can all feel this frequency of truth in the core of our being. When we speak our own truth, we know. Intuition is aligned with that frequency of truth that we can all feel.


E stands for Empowering

Similar to loving and inspiring, when we hear our intuition, it gives us power because it is guidance or truth coming from within us. It’s not coming from our parents, the society or other people.


N stands for Niggling

Spiritual teacher and author Rebecca Campbell wrote in her book “Light is the New Black” about facing the niggle. A niggle is a feeling that just won’t go away until you do something about it. You may act on it or completely ignore it. Sometimes a niggling feeling can also arise when something feels off or not right but you can’t put a finger on it.


An example in my own life when I didn’t listen to my intuition or that niggle was when I was buying flight tickets online. Before clicking the “pay” button I was reviewing all the details and everything seemed all right but I had a feeling that I should not buy it yet.

My mind was like, why, there was nothing wrong so I went ahead and bought it anyway. Then I realized, instead of buying the ticket flying from point A to point B, I bought the wrong route flying from point B to point A. And I had to go through all the hassle to change the ticket. If I had listened to my intuition, then I wouldn’t have to go through all that trouble.

How about Our Ego’s Voice? What’s the Difference?

Now that you know how intuition sounds or feels like, how do we know when it is our ego talking to us instead?

For any intuitive guidance, you will probably feel it in your heart center, or in your gut as a gut feeling or a deep sense of knowing in your whole body. If it’s something coming from your mind, or something that you’re just thinking, you will feel it all in the headspace like there are lots of thoughts in the mind.

There’s nothing wrong with our ego. Our brain is hardwired to avoid pain or fear in order to survive and our ego just wants to protect us.

I’m going to use the word EGO as an acronym again to show you how the EGO sounds like.


E stands for Easy-Way-Out

Our ego loves an easy way out but not necessarily a better way for our soul to grow and evolve. Often it is a temporarily easy way out or easy fix but it may turn out to be a longer or windier way to get to where our soul wants to be.


G stands for Go-go-go

The voice of our ego may sound pushy or even forcing us to do something out of fear. It can be the fear of needing to be productive or busy, or a fear of missing out so we should to jump on this right away. If you feel like you “should” do something, and you’re pressuring yourself to do something then it’s probably coming from the ego.


O stands for Oppressive

Oppressive literally means overwhelming or depressing the spirit and the senses. The ego may, in order to protect you, suppress your secret dreams and desires. Maybe you have a dream to be a writer, or to start your own business, and your ego will tell you, “No who do you think you are? You can’t do it. You’re not good enough. You’re just an amateur.”  Your ego is your inner critic’s voice to protect you from failing, feeling embarrassed, or ashamed of yourself. It is preventing you from stepping out of your comfort zone and into your full power.


I find the best way to practice listening to our intuition is through meditation. When our mind is quiet and calm, and we stop paying attention to chatter going on in the mind, that’s when we can listen to our intuition, that soft whisper from our soul can finally arise.

I highly recommend practicing meditation on a daily basis, you can try out any meditations I shared here in the Museflower Retreat & Spa Youtube Channel.

As always, take whatever that you resonate with, and whatever that you don’t resonate with, just leave it.

Because we are all unique individuals. It’s important for you to discover your own truth with your experience.

I hope you can practice listening to your intuition and see what wonders and magic your intuition can bring to you in your life.

How do you distinguish the difference between your intuition and your ego’s voice? 

Feel free to share with me here, I’d love to hear from you.

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