[Free Video] Shamanic Journey to Connect with Your Inner Teacher

In today’s blog I’ll be sharing with you a 2-part video I created back in August 2020 for Soul Bliss Retreats to share what inner wisdom is, and a Shamanic drumming journey for you to connect with your inner teacher.


What is a Shamanic Journey?

Shamanism is an ancient way of life where we honor Nature and a spiritual path of direct revelation. In Shamanic journey, you are guided to journey with your heart to the transcendent realms and to connect with your helping spirits for guidance and support in your daily life.

A shamanic journey is similar to a visualization meditation. We allow our consciousness to travel to different realms and dimensions. You can also think of it as an opportunity to expand your imagination and to explore your inner world.


Steps in this Shamanic Journey to Connect with Your Inner Teacher:

1. Find a comfortable and safe space to lie down or sit down where you won’t be disturbed for the next 15 minutes.

2. Take a moment to set your intention for the journey today to connect with your inner teacher. Set aside your thinking mind and allow yourself to tune into your imagination and your feelings as you enter this non-ordinary reality.

3. Holding this intention, use your imagination to travel to your inner sanctuary, a safe, relaxing and peaceful place of nature.

4. Engage all your senses as you imagine yourself inside your inner sanctuary. Smell and taste the air. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Hear the sounds around you. Look around your sanctuary. How does it look like? Are there any trees or flowers? Is there any water around? Are there any animals there?

5. Once you have settled in your sanctuary, invite your inner teacher to come and sit down with you for a cup of tea or coffee. Make it your favorite beverage, whatever it is.

6. Pay attention to how your inner teacher looks like, sounds like, and how his/her presence feels like to you. What is he/she wearing? What is the hair color? Sometimes our inner teacher may present as a form, as a person, sometimes maybe it’s just an energy, a feeling.

7. Ask your inner teacher if he/she has any message for you today. The message may come in as a simple word or phrase, or it may present itself as images or symbols. It can also be just a feeling. Or maybe there is no direct message and that is totally fine. Maybe the message today is just to connect and recognize the presence of your inner teacher within you.

Whatever happens in the journey is all perfect. There is no need to analyze or judge.

8. Listen to the call-back drum (a different drum beat), and this will signify the end of the journey. Bring all of your awareness back to the present moment and space. Take your time.

9. Write down your journey and any messages arising in your journal. Now that you have recognized and connected with your inner teacher, you can call upon for him/her energetically to help support you whenever you need guidance.

Watch Part 1 Video – Introduction to Shamanic Journey to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom here

Watch Part 2 Video – Drumming Track for Shamanic Journey to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom here:

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