Stories of Hope: How We Found Mini-Miracles in Our Lives

In today’s blog I want to share with you three mini-miracle stories that happened during our Bhakti Yoga Study Group with our spa team.

These mini-miracles all happened around the first couple days of our Bhakti Yoga Study Group when we called upon Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, to help us overcome difficulties in our own lives.

These are real-life stories, and both of our spa therapists, Ada and Nena, have given me permission to share their names and stories.

I hope that by sharing these mini miracle stories, they can show you that in this crazy world we live in today, there is still hope.

Hope that miracles ARE possible.

Hope that Love IS all around us and all we need to do is to open our hearts.

No matter how dark it is, there is always light – right where you stand.

1. Ada + ATK

On the first day of our two-week Bhakti Yoga Study Group with our spa team in March 2022, Ada shared her worry with the group.

Her mother-in-law and she had purchased a bulk of antigen test kits to resell as a small side business during this pandemic. But she couldn’t sell the kits as quickly as she anticipated, and she was stuck with a huge pile of stock sitting in her house.

“My intention is to sell the kits as quickly as possible so I can get my money back”, she shared. She was feeling stressed from just looking at the kits stacked at the corner of her home.

I shared my two cents,

“Our happiness does not need to rely on something external. Remember, happiness comes from within. If the kits are the source of your stress, can you see them in a different light? Perhaps start to say thank you to them, and be kind to them and yourself? Instead of seeing them as a source of stress, perhaps see them as an opportunity for a valuable lesson even though we don’t know what it is yet?”

I asked Ada how she wanted to feel when she woke up in the morning and focused on that instead.

She said she wanted to feel happy, and she wrote that down as her intention.

As we progressed through the week with our meditation and chanting practice, she said she could let go of the idea of needing to get her money back from the kits and she felt more relaxed.

One week later, she came to the study group with a smile. Her energy lighter. She shared that someone had purchased all the kits from her in one go and she was grateful.

When she let go of her idea of how happiness should look like, a mini miracle happened for her.

2. Nena + Loss

On the second day of our two-week Bhakti Yoga Study Group in March 2022, the usually-energetic Nena was quiet and tired.

Her life was turned upside down the day before.

Her partner of many years whom she was living with, suddenly left her. Without any notice. Without a word. He just ghosted her.

She shared that it happened to her before when she first started working at Museflower in 2017. Her then-partner disappeared for 10 days without telling her but he returned.

Four years later, it happened again. She didn’t know if he was coming back or not.

She was devastated and heart-broken, to say the least.

But amidst this chaos, the one thing that she could hold on to was to come to work and attend the study group. It was one thing that she looked forward to and kept her going. She felt that she could lean into the group and the Divine for support.

I thanked her for her courage and for showing up.

At the end of the two weeks, she felt better. She was still heart broken and she had her ups and downs, but she knew that the relationship was over and it was time for her to begin a new life. She was learning how to take care of herself again as a single woman.

Fast forward to four months later (now in July 2022), Nena is happily single.

3. Tania + Grab Delivery Guy

My own mini miracle story happened on the very first day when we started our very first Bhakti Yoga Study Group back in September 2021. I was about 4-5 months pregnant with my second son Henry then, and my belly was pretty big already.

I drove to pick up my elder son Mirren from school in the afternoon as usual, and we stopped by the gas station to get gas and also to fill the air for the car tires.

It was not so easy to bend down with a big belly, obviously, but I could manage. When I got to the tires on the back, there was a hissing sound. Something was not right, and the tire was not filled up.

As I was trying to figure out what went wrong, a Grab delivery guy parked his motorbike behind me and asked if he could help me.

Honestly I was a bit stunned. But when help arrived, of course I said yes.

He took over and refilled all the car tires for me. I said thank you multiple times and he left.

Perhaps this guy didn’t think much of it, but his kindness and generosity touched my heart deeply.

In this day and age especially during the pandemic, people tend to avoid other people, let alone to help a stranger – without asking anything for return!

I was beyond grateful. I knew that it was Divine grace, showing me that miracles are indeed possible. When we ask and are open to receive, help will come.

I sent my blessings to the Grab delivery guy in my heart and thanked the Universe. May his kindness be repaid to him one-thousand-fold.


Mini miracles do not need to stop, whether we are in a study group or not.

When we are willing to ask the Divine, the Universe, the Creator, the Higher Power, or however you prefer to name the bigger presence around you for help, trust that support is coming your way.

Just let go of the “how” it will all happen, and let the Universe take care of the rest.

What’s your mini miracle today?

Try This Out:
Finding Your Daily Mini Miracles

Mini-miracles are already happening in your life! Yes! You may not realize but when you start to pay attention, anything can be a mini miracle.

It’s a miracle to be able to wake up. It’s a miracle to be able to fall asleep.

It’s a miracle that you are reading this, somewhere in the world.

An exercise to help us become more aware of mini miracles is to write them down.

Actively look for any mini miracles happening during the day, and write them down in your journal at the end of the day before you fall asleep.

Aim to write down at least one mini miracle, or more per day.

Notice if anything starts to shift in your life, or within yourself as you begin this practice.

Try it for at least one week and see how it goes!

Feel free to share any mini miracles with me by contacting me here. We all need to hear more mini-miracle stories in our lives.