Writing from the Heart: What Is It that My Heart Wants to Say?

By Tania Ho
Nov 27, 2018


What Is It that My Heart Wants to Say?

I’ve been pondering a few days now on what topic to write for this month’s blog. There seems to be endless topics that can be talked about, but nothing really sticks. Nothing really my heart feels strongly to write about.

Am I experiencing a writer’s block?

Recently it feels that I’m been bombarded with lots of information. Potential new business opportunities (yes to earning more money), black Friday and cyber Monday deals (time to shop for Christmas gifts for my nephews and nieces), and this is the time of the year to plan and review the business budget for 2019.

But I find myself at a loss on what I want. The mind keeps on thinking, analyzing, and processing, and it submits all these proposals to the heart waiting for the boss’s approval to see if it truly resonates. I find myself stuck again in between what my mind thinks I should do because that’s what I think what others want, and what my heart feels right.

Because I’ve been in this situation before, now I could recognize this misalignment between the mind and the heart (see my previous blog here). Instead of agonizing over sleep on what I should do, I sit and wait.

I ask my heart if this is something I really want to spend time doing and focus my energy on. Perhaps it’s a potential new business project. Is this something I’d like to invest my time and energy? What is the reason and intention that I’m thinking of doing this? Is it coming from a place of fear (I feel like I don’t have enough money) or a place of love (I feel interested and intrigued to do it)?

The heart may not respond right away (sometimes it does). But funny enough, eventually the heart will tell you what it wants at the most unexpected time or place. For example, sometimes the answers come when I’m breastfeeding. I must thank my son, because the breastfeeding time gives me a mandatory break out of my work day to pause.

To me, when the heart feels right, it’s almost like an inner “yes”. It feels like the energy is flowing.

Sometimes the heart is not sure yet but feels curious to learn more.  So I give the opportunity a chance and let it play out and see how it unfolds. And I trust that if it’s not meant to be, the opportunity will fade away anyway.

If it’s a thought that keeps coming back, I take it as a sign from my heart that I need to act on it. 

And if it’s something that I think I should do but not really what my heart resonates with, I feel a sense of hesitation to act on it. It almost feels like I have to push myself to make it happen, not in a motivating way but in a pressuring myself way.

These are what I have observed so far with how my heart works.

So back to my writer’s block and eventually leading to what I wrote today. I decided to give the soul writing technique I’ve learned from my soul friend Sarah Walton a go. My soul story today is titled as “Writing from the Heart”. I have only edited the writing a bit so the words flow better.

I hope you enjoy reading what my heart has to share. And I also hope you enjoy getting to know your heart too, through words, through observation, allowing, patience, and with lots of love.

My Soul Story – “Writing from the Heart”

My soul story today is to write anyway, even though I don’t know what to write.
Writing from the heart sometimes doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it isn’t logical. It doesn’t have to be.

It’s not about making a point. It’s not about being rational. It’s not about upselling something or showing off my own status. It’s not about writing what others expect from me. It’s not about writing my thoughts out so everyone can read about them, make their own judgment and build my own image on top. That’s what writing from the mind, the ego is about.

Stay till and tune into your heart. What is it that your heart wants to say?

Sometimes it’s just words here and there, with no apparent meaning. Sometimes it’s just symbols and images. Sometimes it sounds like a melody, music playing in your heart.

The heart knows what the soul wants, and through writing from the heart, we experience the soul in words, in a kind of logical way that our minds can comprehend. So we feel like we know what we’re talking about.

Writing from the heart may not be easy at first. When we are so distracted by news, by the phone, social media, work, stress, and worries – the never ending thoughts circling inside the mind.

So trust, trust what your heart wants to say. It is the truth deep inside. It is what you truly want to hear, what you truly desire.

Everything is possible, we are the co-creator of our lives. And this creation begins, not as a thought, but as an emotion, a sensation rising, a feeling that something needs to be done. Touched by the senses, by the environment, by nature.

Words from the heart may not be easy to comprehend at first, because the heart doesn’t act the same way as the mind works.

But trust, surrender and listen to the voice within. This voice knows. Allow things to unfold and happen on its own term, under its own timing.

Now do you still think you have nothing to say?

Writing from the heart is only one way to listen. There are other ways to listen to the heart too.

And trust your words, as they are not “your” words; they are the words from your soul, your higher self.

Be grateful of your heart, thank you to the wisdom it shares.

Keep on letting the Light to shine though. Do nothing and listen.

You will hear, an ocean depth of a-thousand-year-old wisdom inside.