10 Things I Am Grateful For in 2016

By Tania Ho
December 26, 2016

As this year is coming to an end, would you like to join me for a short 10-minute gratitude exercise to reflect on the past year?

What are 10 things that you are grateful for in 2016?  

Write down your list in the next 10 minutes (spend only 1 minute on each item). 

Here’s my gratitude list to share with you:

1. I am grateful that we are fully booked on new year’s eve. Two years ago when we have just been rebranded as Museflower, we only had 2 guests staying with us during new year’s eve. This year end, we have one retreat group here and also our guests joining our spa getaway and yoga retreat packages. Thank you.

2. I am grateful for the team here at Museflower. Slowly, we are building a strong management team here, with Tony (assistant manager) who now handles all reservations and assists all our guest’s needs; A (wellness practitioner) who is teaching yoga and offering her lovely Reiki sessions; Jang (spa & wellness trainer) who is teaching all sorts of classes and offering  her world-class spa treatments here; and all my supervisors for the back-of-house, Thip (admin), Goi (housekeeping), Don (maintenance) who make sure everything can happen and flow as it is. Thank you.

3. I am grateful for the second annual Museflower Life Festival that went so smoothly and well beyond my own imagination and expectation. Again, it is a proof of how the Universe works in mysterious way; how a group of people can come together and experience energy shift in the most powerful way; how I could just trust to act on inspiration.  Thank you.

4. I am grateful that I took the time out to join Michele Cempaka’s Shamanic retreat, which I have learned a lot about Shamanism and will apply to my healing practice. Finally after three years, it was my first time joining a retreat again. Thank you.

5. I am grateful for the continuous support, love, and care from my family and friends, particularly my mom who visits me every two to three months and always shares her generosity with everyone here. Thank you.

6. I am grateful for my two little dogs and my adopted cat – Nikko, Toro and Mela, who have been reminding me what unconditional love looks like every single day. Thank you.

7. I am grateful for my husband – Tai – that we had a beautiful wedding as we wanted and expected here at Museflower. Most importantly, for standing by me whenever I’m going crazy to keep me sane and grounded, and for saying “I love you” every day.  Thank you.

8. I am grateful for Museflower – I believe this center has its own soul and its own Divine will of what it needs to be done. Every day I am learning, as the flow of the business is also a reflection and projection of my inner world. As I remind myself to surrender and let go of the need for control and worry, I see that the business takes off in its own way.  Thank you.

9. I am grateful for all the help and support I have received, orchestrated by the Divine. All the people I have crossed path with have imparted so much wisdom, and allowed me to reflect on myself and to grow continuously. All the invisible beings, power animals, guardian angels, spirit guides, and masters who assist me on this journey in other realms. Mother Earth and all of its elements – water, air, fire, flowers, trees, crystals and all other invisible forces. Thank you.

10. I am grateful for me. I know I am not perfect;. Sometimes I don’t practice what I preach; sometimes I still blame other people for my unhappiness. I still worry, I still have lots of fears. Sometimes I just want to give up on everything in life. What to do? I keep on reminding myself to trust, to surrender, and that I am beautiful even though I look absolutely terrible that day. Thank you.




What is the ONE thing that you are grateful for?

Feel free to hit reply to share your list with me (or post our facebook page here).

Happy new year!