How to Notice Abundance Around You

By Tania Ho
January 24, 2017

Do you say yes to abundance?

Do you notice the abundance around you?

What is abundance to you?


It’s Chinese New Year (Year of the Rooster) coming up this Saturday January 28th, 2017. Gong Hei Fat Choy (that’s happy Chinese New Year in Cantonese)!

Chinese new year greetings are always about abundance, such as gaining more wealth, prosperity, health, luck, happiness, and love.

A lot of times, we associate abundance with money and wealth. But as you know, abundance also extends to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Opportunities is a form of abundance.  

Learning from experience is a form of abundance. 

Friendship and support is a form of abundance. 

I’ll share a story with you.

Recently a friend came to me for advice. He is suffering from a ‘lack-of-money’ situation, which I think we all can relate to at some point of our lives.

He had completed a project for his client but did not receive the amount of money he wished to have.  At the beginning of the project, he quoted an estimate for his client and did not clarify that any overtime work would be additional.

So he got what he asked for, literally.

It turned out that he had spent much more time than he anticipated. However, his client refused to pay any extra money, as it was not communicated at the time when they agreed and ‘shook hands’ on it.

He became desperate and would really want to get that money he deserved, so he kept on chasing his client for money. So he did, chase away his client, but he did not get the money.

So what should he do, he asked. He said something similar has happened to him many times before already.

Business sense aside, I shared that the focus here is not to dwell on the money he did not receive.

The more we focus our energy on what we lack, the more desperate and worried we become, and we will create more and more ‘evidence’ in our life to confirm that our belief on the ‘lack’ is correct.  It’s like an endless rabbit hole that we continue to fall downwards.

The focus here is not what we lack, but what we have gained. 

We have gained an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. An opportunity to get to know more people, and to be connected with potential clients. An opportunity to reflect on our limited beliefs, so we can work on those.

Abundance may not come as money, but it sure is all round us. We have to pay attention to see the evidence of abundance in our lives.  

One thing that I have learned from my own personal experience, is that when I focus on doing what I’m supposed to be doing here on Earth – carrying out my life purpose, abundance will follow.  

With Museflower Retreat & Spa as an example, I used to worry all the time where I could find more guests. Then one day I was busy conducting Hado counseling sessions, and then I noticed somehow there seemed to be more email inquiries on that day compared to other days.

That was when I realized that when I focus on serving other people, and that I was not worrying about money or business, the bookings would just automatically flow in. That realization only came to me in late 2015 when I was still doing a lot of things myself, including handling all reservations.

Fast forward till today, I am grateful for my assistant manager Tony who handles all the reservations and inquiries now so I don’t even give myself a chance to stare at the bookings to worry about them.

Of course, I still have worries here and there about various things.

I remind myself to focus on what I have in my life and to be grateful for the abundance I receive from the Universe and others.

Abundance comes in a form of a friend helping my business’s online marketing as a gift.

Abundance comes in a form of someone treating me to a wonderful dinner.

Abundance comes in a form of a positive review from our guests.

Abundance comes in a form of being able to take the time and space out for myself to create new things.

I am grateful for all the abundance I receive in my life.  

Now, keep your ears and eyes open.
Time to say yes to abundance on daily basis. 


Have you noticed any evidence of abundance in your life? 

Feel free to share your feedback in our blog comments below or email Tania here.

Wishing you all limitless abundance on all levels for the Year of the Rooster!