7 Ways that the Universe is Talking to You via Signs

Are signs from the Universe real?

In my own experience, the answer is a resounding yes.

Even as I was writing this blog, I received a sign from the Universe that reconfirmed that I should be writing this. A few days ago, I was doing a soul card reading with a guest who shared about how she came to find out Museflower and there were many signs showing up for her that reconfirmed her feeling that she should come. Obviously she did not know I was writing a blog all about signs. When she mentioned about signs, her words rang a bell in my head, and then I knew it was a sign from the Universe for me.

In fact, many guests have shared with me before how they found out Museflower by coincidence (which, to me, is the same as signs), and information they picked up from our website or elsewhere reconfirmed their feeling and that’s how they made the decision to come to Museflower.

Both our soul and the Universe can communicate to us through our intuition. So how do we know whether it is our soul or the Universe speaking to us?

How does the Universe speak to us?

In my own experience, my soul’s guidance arises deep within from my heart energy center. When I enter into a state of stillness such as during meditation, that’s when I can hear my soul’s guidance most clearly.

Whereas when it’s a sign from the Universe, it feels like love and support coming from outside and it can happen anytime, not necessarily only when I’m in a state of stillness.

Sometimes the signs from the Universe feel like an external validation that reconfirms our soul’s guidance, an inner feeling or nudge. Sometimes the Universe will give us new information, something that we would have never thought of ourselves. Sometimes the Universe gives us support through signs, reassuring that we are on the right path and that we are watched over, for example through angel numbers, or specific numbers that have personal meaning.

In this blog for easy reference, I use the term “Universe” broadly that includes our spirit guides, power animals, guardian angels, passed on loved ones, spiritual teachers, masters, any other spiritual beings who are here to assist us on our journey, and the Universe as the Divine, the Creator, the Source, God, Goddess, or any other term you resonate with.

As we are more in tune with our intuition and how the Universe communicates with us, we may start to be able to distinguish how each member of our spiritual support team may communicate with us in a slightly different way, just like how our friends and family all sound different.

So how do we know when the Universe is giving us signs?

In today’s blog, I share 7 ways that the Universe is speaking to you via signs.

1. A thought suddenly pops in your mind

Usually when we are deep in our thoughts, one thought would lead to another thought and there is a linear order.

But when there’s a thought that suddenly pops in your mind and it seems to come out of nowhere, it may be the Universe speaking to you. The thought seems random but somehow it makes sense.

Sometimes the thought may be a song, a book title, or a name, and you will feel a nudge to sing the song, or to find out about the book title, or to contact a person. Sometimes the Universe gives us signs to follow, in order to pass on a message to another person.

Real life story:  I’m sure a lot of you has this experience. There are so many times I see something and it makes me think of a friend, so I would share that with my friend and only to be reconfirmed by my friend that is exactly what she/he needs to hear.

2. An idea that just won’t go away

Similar to the above, you may feel suddenly inspired by a new idea. But sometimes this new idea may scare us, and require us to step outside of our comfort zone. So we wait. We don’t act on it because it seems so troublesome to follow through, yet this idea just won’t go away. There’s a strong nudge within us that we need to act on the idea, and only by acting on the idea, our heart can feel at peace.

Real life story:  This is how I always feel about writing my blogs. Sometimes an idea comes to me, and it won’t go away until I finally write it down to get it out from my head.

3. Your eyes are drawn to something

Usually, our eyes are overstimulated in today’s visual-overload world. yet when we pay attention, we may feel like our eyes are guiding us and drawing our attention to something specific. Whatever your eyes are drawing you to, may be a sign from the Universe to ask you to pay attention.

Sometimes you may notice specific numbers that are repeated (these are called angel numbers such as 111, 222, 444), or specific numbers that have personal meaning (for example a birthday of a passed on loved one). And the number catches your attention, and it feels like it’s a reconfirmation for you that you are protected and watched over.

Real life story:   One time my eyes were drawn to this book sitting on my shelf by Anita Moorjani called “Dying to be Me”. There was a very strong feeling to pick up the book and I just flipped to a random chapter to read. I remember how much I enjoy reading her book, so I got curious and went online to search for her website, only to find out that she just published a new book called “Sensitive is the New Strong” and the topic was exactly what I wanted to learn more about. I ordered the book online immediately, and when the book arrived, I devoured it in a few days since it was such a good read.

4. Hear a loving voice talking to you

We always have many inner voices speaking to us, with one of the inner voices as our inner critic. Another inner voice is our soul’s voice. Then sometimes we may hear a loving voice speaking to us, yet this voice is not a real sound from outside.

Again it takes practice to note the difference between our soul’s voice and the Universe. In my own experience as I shared in the beginning of this blog, if it’s my own soul’s guidance I feel the voice comes from my heart center in the middle of my chest. If I hear a loving voice speaks to me near my ears or from above me, then I would interpret it as from the Universe.

I believe that the Universe’s voice always sounds loving and warm. Even if there is a warning sign, the Universe’s voice does not scare us nor lock us into fear. The Universe would never threaten or direct us to do anything to hurt ourselves or others.

Real life story:  There’s a journaling practice called “auto-writing” or “free-writing” when you just write whatever comes to your mind. The famous book series called “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch were written with such practice. He first wrote down his question and he started to hear a voice speaking to him that was answering his question and then he wrote down all the answers which became his books.

5. Taste or smell something that is not there physically

Another way the Universe may speak to us through signs is through our sense of smell and/or taste. We may suddenly smell or taste something that is not there physically. Many people have reported that they smell the fragrance of roses in places of worships, even when there are no actual roses and they believe that the fragrance of rose is a sign that there is Divine presence around them, protecting and supporting them.

Real life story:  I don’t have any real-life story personally yet I have heard from my energy healing teacher and also a few classmates of similar experience that they have smelled the fragrance of rose or incense in places of worship, sacred places or at their home when they were in meditation or prayer.

6. Words from others that ring a bell

Every day we hear many things, but our ears may suddenly perk up when we hear certain words spoken by others and the words will ring a bell somehow. Maybe what that person (or it takes more than one person for us to pay attention) says something that answers our questions unintentionally. When we hear the words from others repeatedly, it may feel like an external confirmation from the Universe, or the Universe is asking us to pay attention and to act on its guidance.

Real life story:  I shared this story in my blog on how the labyrinth was created in Museflower. I didn’t know much about labyrinth until four different people told me that it would be a great idea to build a labyrinth in Museflower on three separate occasions within two weeks. By the third time I heard my friend talking about a labyrinth, I knew it was the Universe giving me a sign.

7. Dream about it

Not all dreams have to be symbolic, yet sometimes in our dreams we will know when something important shows up especially when we are receiving something valuable in the dream (for example, a message, some words, a piece of jewelry), or in our dreams we find an answer to a question.

Real life story:  Both the Chinese and English names of my first son came to me through my dreams. When I was still pregnant, one night I dreamt of my grandfather from my father’s side whom I’ve never met and he gave me a very clear Chinese name for my son.


Ask and you shall receive.

When we pray to the Universe to give us guidance, we will receive an answer. This answer may come in as a form of signs that are mentioned in above, such as a sudden thought, an idea that won’t go away, seeing numbers, or dreaming about symbols.

Sometimes we can also ask the Universe for specific signs as reconfirmation.

And what happens when we do not receive a sign when we ask? Well, that is also a sign. Rejection is how the Universe protects us too. If we keep on asking for a sign and there is none, trust that is also a sign.

The more we practice in paying attention to the Universe’s signs, we will find that we are truly supported by the Universe.

How about you? Have you also experienced receiving a sign from the Universe?  Do you notice other ways that the Universe speaks to you via signs?

Feel free to share with me here, I’d love to hear from you.

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