How to Reset Your Body & Mind? Q&A with Tai Chi and Karate Teacher Phongsan Meekunnasombat

By Phongsan Meekhunnasombat

16 December 2021

How can we reset our body and mind?

By the end of the year, it’s a great opportunity to take a pause to reflect on the past year and what we want to bring forward and manifest in the upcoming new year. It’s like pressing a “reset” button for our mind and body. In order to do this, it is best to carve out a time and space where our minds can quiet down so we can listen to our soul’s calling.

This year at Museflower Retreat & Spa, we are offering our Body & Mind Reset Week where visiting teachers Mr. Phongsan (Kay) and Mrs. Daosrung (Dao) Meekhunnasombat will be offering wellness tools and practices where we can connect and align our mind, body and soul as one.

We have sent a few questions to Kay and Dao to ask them about the benefits of the classes they will teach at Museflower, including Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Karate, Chanting, Kirtan, and Sound Bath and how these practices can help us to align our mind and body.

Visiting Teacher Kay and Dao during our Museflower Body & Mind Reset Week

Q: What are the key benefits for each of these practices and what type of people are suitable to practice each of the below:

A: 1. Tai Chi & Qigong

  • suitable for all age and physical conditions
  • reduce stress from the relaxed mind and body
  • clearer mind by being in the Now
  • energize the body with Qi movement
  • boost immune system from the energized Qi

2. Mindful Karate

  • suitable for all age and physical conditions
  • sharpen the mind by being in the Now
  • boost immune system with powerful breathing
  • harmonize the body and mind with coordinated movements
  • awaken the internal warrior spirit

3. Active Karate Workout

  • suitable for all age who can withstand a light cardio workout
  • clearer mind by being in the Now
  • harmonize the body and mind with coordinated movements
  • strengthen the body with powerful movements
  • learn basic self-defense

4. Sound bath

  • suitable for all age and physical conditions
  • relaxed mind and body
  • enhance body functions from the reduced stress
  • harmonize the heart with the blessing vibrations
  • being in the state of equanimity

5. Chanting & Kirtan

  • suitable for all age and physical conditions
  • be in the Now by focusing on the mantra
  • remove the thinking mind to access the heart
  • feel being one with the surrounding
  • open the heart and let it expresses itself

Q: How can these practices help people to de-stress?

A: By being in the Now through these practices, the thinking mind recedes together with worries and expectations, hence stress fades naturally.

Q: How have these practices benefit you personally?

A: The mind becomes less agitated, hence more peaceful. When being calm becomes a natural state, everything becomes clear without effort.

Kay teaching a Tai Chi class at Chiang Mai

Q: How did you embark on this spiritual journey?

A: Wanting to know the truth of the universe and our place in it, led me to become interested in consciousness – a journey within that science has no answer for. The only way to truly know the universe is through our own consciousness which can only be experienced not told.

Q: How would you describe your style of teaching / facilitating?

A: Very detailed with clear and concise explanation. Less thinking and more feeling are encouraged. Everything taught in the class has a purpose that benefits the body and mind.

Q: Are certain practices best suited to heal certain ailments? For example, what practices are best suited to heal depression / anxiety / fear /  stress / insomnia ?

A: All of the practice has the potential to treat these symptoms but some are more effective in treating certain symptoms than others.

For example, the Sound Bath is effective in reducing stress quickly but not necessarily depression since the two aren’t quite related.

While Karate is very effective in reducing fear, anxiety, and ultimately depression, with a good sleep being a byproduct from a sweaty workout.

Tai Chi and Qigong, if practiced diligently, is very effective in treating all the negative emotional symptoms, since it works directly with the heart and lets the mind fade.

Chanting meditation and Kirtan are the expression of the heart which has no place for anxiety and fear and it physically stimulates the brain which can reduce depression.

Kay teaching a karate class

Q: How can people learn more about your work?

A: I shared some of my knowledge and thoughts on my YouTube channel. Please feel free to browse through the playlist of your interest,

Are you ready to press the RESET button?

Join us at Museflower Retreat & Spa’s Body & Mind Reset Week and spend the last week of 2021 to shift your energy, so you can start the new year with more balance, renewed creative juice, and a calmer mindset among the clean, green tranquility of Thailand’s northern hills and lakes.