Lunar Cycle “VOICE” Card Reading for February 1 to March 2, 2022

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Keyword for this Lunar Cycle:

“I share my truth with kindness.”

~ Shushann Movsessian & Gemma Summers, Soulful Woman Guidance Cards

What is the Message for this Lunar Cycle?
Card Deck: Soulful Woman Guidance Cards by Shushann Movsessian & Gemma Summers

28. Power of My Voice – I speak my truth and express my feelings to others with care and compassion.

In the previous lunar cycle (January 2022), the theme is all about presence. Presence is power. When we show up fully with a calm, non-anxious, non-judgmental presence, it can have a powerful healing and transformational effect on ourselves and others. This is when miracles happen.

As we step into the lunar new year this February 2022, the theme “VOICE” is building upon the previous lesson of “PRESENCE”. First we remember that by being full present, we are in our own power. Now that we are grounded in our own presence, how do we express our authentic selves through our voice?

Words are powerful, whether spoken or unspoken.

We can use words to inspire or to hurt others deeply. And ultimately, our words we say to ourselves can heal or sabotage our lives. What kind of stories do you tell yourself? Do you allow yourself to dream big, and do you feel confident to share your dream with others?

Recently I have read a powerful book called “The One Thing” by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan. I absolutely love the message that this book conveys –

“What is the ONE THING I can do such that by doing it
everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”
It gets me thinking– what is my one big dream that I want to achieve?

I find myself scared to dream big. There are so many stories in my head that I tell myself – I can’t do it, I am not cut out for it, it’s easier to stay where I am now. I know that it’s my fear of failure and my fear of disappointment that are stopping me. But a part of me deep inside yearns to move beyond these fears.

So I dared myself to dream big. I wrote my big dream down on a piece of paper and laid it on my altar. Every morning as I do my meditation practice, I would read it out loud.

Then a funny thing happened. In a random conversation with my husband one night, he asked me what my big dream was. I knew the answer inside but I stuttered and cringed as I shared my answer with him. I lost all my confidence as I spoke.

“You sound like you want to be Jesus,” my husband laughed after hearing what I said.

“What??? Omg no….that’s not what I meant,” I desperately sighed.

His response got me thinking. I have to dig deeper again into what truly ignites a spark within me, to reflect on what the ONE message is that I really want to share with the world, and how I can share my dream with confidence.

In this lunar new year of the Water Tiger (check out Forever Conscious’ intuitive astrology blog here on the energies of the year of Water Tiger), I invite you to ask yourself within – what is your ONE BIG DREAM and what is the ONE THING you can do now for your BIG DREAM such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

Write down your big dream on a piece of paper. Say it out loud. Draw it. Sing it. Express it any way you like.

Use your voice wisely and consciously this lunar cycle.

Your voice is here to heal.
Your voice is here to support yourself and others with love and compassion.
Your voice is here to help you express your true self.


I honor the power of my voice.


The above affirmation is a quote taken from the Soulful Woman Guidance Cards Guidebook by Shushann Movsessian and Gemma Summers.

Repeat this affirmation as often as you need during this lunar cycle. A great tip is to write your affirmation on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you can see every day as a reminder.

You can refer to my blog here on a simple guideline on how to write your own affirmation here.

Feel free to change the words to make it 100% aligned to you.

For example,

I speak my truth with kindness and compassion.

My voice is power.

I have the courage to express my feelings.

I am kind to myself.

My voice can heal and inspire others.


I recognize that my interpretation of the cards is largely based on reflections of my personal life experience and you may or may not resonate with what I share. I find that sometimes by sharing what’s going on in my life, others may find that they are going through something similar in their lives. It’s important to know that you are not going through this journey of life alone.

I highly encourage you to look at the cards as well and feel into the messages and energies of the cards yourself.

Read the messages and notice what sensations come up. Do you feel light or tense? Look at the images of the cards, and notice what draws your gaze. What thoughts and feelings arise? Do you like or dislike the card, or certain elements in the image of the card? Why is that and what does it remind you of?

Your intuition is your inner compass. My intuitive soul card reading only serves as a reference point, an invitation for you to reflect and ponder and to work your magic. I don’t claim to predict the future, nor can I do that. Take what you resonate and leave what you don’t.

Card reading is a great intuitive tool for us to find some clarity and guidance in our own life, but remember ultimately you are the one who get to decide and live the life you want.

Enjoy reading and feel free to let me know your thoughts, questions and sharing by email.