My Story of How Ganesha’s Mantra Helped Me Through Birth

As the clock struck midnight on January 22, 2022 I was being escorted to the operation room to get ready for my emergency C-section procedure.

I was always hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) for my second baby, and even my doctor supported this. However, we only got to know that the private hospital I went to did not allow VBAC for women who had C-section before.

I was pretty much alone during the whole birth. In Thailand, my husband was not allowed to stay with me before or during the C-section. When I had my first c-section in Hong Kong to give birth to my elder son, my husband could be there with me the whole time.

Needless to say, I was quite nervous. I was going to deliver a baby where everyone else was speaking a different mother tongue than I did.

I knew I needed to apply all the wellness tools I’ve learned to myself.

I prayed to my spiritual support team to help me. I was feeling scared and I felt alone.

I decided to start chanting the bija, or the seed sound of Ganesha – Gam.

I needed Ganesha’s help, the lord of removing obstacles and the lord of wisdom, to help me get through the operation.

I started to repeat the bija in my head silently, Gam Gam Gam, as I was waiting alone outside the operating room.

Then, the procedure began. I was laying on the operating table, with the anesthesia started to spread across my lower half of my body. I threw up. I continued to repeat Gam silently.


With every inhale, Gam.

With every exhale, Gam.


Even though my eyes were closed, I was hyperaware of the sounds, touch, and motions going around me. I heard the beeping sound from the heart beat monitor. And I repeated the sound Gam in my head along with the beeping sound.


Beep. Gam.

Beep. Gam. 


Every beep sound was a reminder for me to chant Gam.

Beep. Gam.

Beep. Gam.


By 1.59am, the baby was out! I only got to see his face for a short moment before he was whisked away by the nurses. After leaving the operating room, I had to stay at the recovery room for two hours before I could see my newborn baby.

Covered by a heated blanket, I was in and out of sleep. When I had enough strength to open my eyes, I could see the time, and I was counting down to how much longer I had to wait to see my baby.

Whenever I found myself became restless, impatient, anxious, and powerless from my myriad of thoughts, I brought my focus back to chanting Gam Gam Gam.

Around five in the morning I could finally be released back to my hospital room to meet my husband and baby.

I was beyond grateful that everything went smooth during the C-section and I was alive to see my newborn baby.

Of course I am super grateful to the amazing support and help of the doctors, nurses, and every hospital staff who was there to help.

I also thanked my whole spiritual support team and the Universe for carrying me through.

During this whole time, repeating the mantra Gam became THE lifeline for my mind to hold onto, and it helped me get through the whole birth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A quick photo snap by the nurses before Henry was whisked away. So grateful we were both alright.
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