3 Practical Ways on How Your Soul’s Voice Can Be Useful in Your Daily Life

By Tania Ho
April 27, 2018

Since my last blog article on “How to Integrate Your Spiritual Practices into Your Daily Life”, you’ll know that I’m big on being spiritual in the most grounded way possible.

So today’s blog article is about 3 practical ways how tuning into our Soul’s voice can be useful in our daily life.


1 – Channel Your Soul’s Voice into Your Writing

As some of you know, my friend Sarah and I are facilitating our second Museflower Soul Bliss Retreat: Let Your Soul Speak with Soul Writing and Meditation this October 11 – 16 at Museflower Retreat & Spa.

Many people associate soul writing with creative writing, but it doesn’t have to be.

Think about the different types of writing we do in a daily basis. How about writing an email, a speech, a presentation, website content, resume and cover letter, promotion and advertising copy, essays, thesis, research paper, applications for schools, or even wedding vows?

Of course, these are considered more as business or technical writing (except wedding vows). And yes we can hire people and experts to do that for us. But the original essence of that piece of writing still needs to come from our voice.

Let’s take writing your resume as an example. Yes, there is pretty much a standard format and what you need to include in a resume to be considered professional. Nowadays I see that depending on which industry you are applying to, resumes are getting more creative to express the applicant’s individuality.

How do they do that? How do some people just write so effortlessly?

I believe that we can all tap into our right brain, our creativity and a place inside our heart to tune into our soul’s voice. Soul writing is all about bypassing that logical brain, using meditation to connect directly to our right brain and to express our soul’s voice with words, instead of getting caught up with grammar, sentence structures and so on.

Try this: Next time when you feel stuck in with a piece of writing, instead of sitting in front of the computer and feeling frustrated, walk away and take a break. Use this break to connect with nature, or at least get some fresh air if possible. Get your legs moving and grab something to drink (non-alcoholic drinks I mean). If you can have a moment, take a deep breath to ground and center yourself. Go into a meditative state. In your meditation, just let go of any thoughts or attachments of writing. Observe what comes to your mind, the rise and fall of the thoughts like the ocean’s waves.

If you still feel stuck and if time allows, sleep on it. This is my favorite thing to do. Whenever I feel unsure about something, I sleep on it. Same for writing. After I finishing writing the complete draft of my blog article, I hardly publish it on the same day. I’ll wait for one night at least, and reread my article the next day and revise it before publishing it.

2 – Channel Your Soul’s Voice into Your Conversations

Obviously when we are talking to other people, we are using our own voice. But remember we have many voices in our head. Sometimes, we subconsciously use our inner critic’s voice, our judgmental voice, our condescending voice, our angry voice, or our ego’s voice in conversations.

Perhaps we do not want to offend a friend, a family member or a business associate, and we do not express our true voice.

Perhaps we feel hurt or offended by others’ words, and our ego takes over our voice to defend ourselves.

Being able to live authentically means to be able to express your true voice – the voice from your soul, the compassionate voice that is without judgment, the intuitive voice that expresses your truth and your essence.

Try this: Check into each area of your life of where you feel that you can and cannot express your soul’s voice. Do you find it more difficult to express your truth with certain people or in a certain environment? What are your fears that are holding you back from expressing your truth?

It really comes down to practice makes perfect. The more we give ourselves the courage and trust to express our truth, you will see that things are getting more aligned in your life. When I say getting more aligned, it may mean that some things that do not serve your higher purpose may be released.

For example, my relative shared a story that she was let go of her dream job just after one week since she expressed her honest feedback about the company, and the company felt that they were not ready for expansion. She acknowledged that expressing her voice cost her the job, but she knew also that one door closed and another would open.

Trust that everything happens for a reason, and when we are living our true and best selves, everything in our life will be aligned to our purpose here on Earth.

3 – Channel Your Soul’s Voice during Your Blue Moments

Everyone would have those days when you feel a bit down for no apparent reason, perhaps due to the weather, hormones, the day of the week, the moon cycle, the cosmos energy, or as some sort of emotional detoxing.

It’s totally natural and healthy, as long as these “blue” moments do not last continuously for days or even months.

When I feel down, sad, frustrated or stuck, I like to be by myself in my room, curl up in my bed with my dogs (or sometimes by myself), and let myself cry it out. Sometimes I don’t know the exact reason why I feel sad, sometimes I do.

A lot of times this is when my inner critic voice is the loudest – blaming, judging and criticizing. I just allow the inner critic voice to say what she wants to say.

And when I feel exhausted from the crying, and the inner critic voice has finished what she wants to say, I can feel a deep silence and feeling of peace inside my heart.

In this deep silence, this is when I can now listen to my soul’s voice. It may be something as simple as “Everything is Okay. Everything happens for a reason. All is well.” It may be a confirmation, like “You can do it”, or “Wait, be Patient”. The soul’s voice is like a very gentle and compassionate voice coming from the heart space.

Try this: Next time when you are feeling down, instead of reaching for something to distract you, such as watching TV or drinking or eating, find a quiet, safe and private place (ideally your bedroom), lie down and just close your eyes. Allow your emotions to come through and observe the type of thoughts and emotions that are coming up at the same time. If you want to cry, just let yourself cry it out. Let your inner critic voice take over for a moment. Crying is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s a great way for our emotions to detox.

After you feel exhausted from the crying (allow the crying to stop naturally), see if you can tune into that deep silence inside your heart. Sometimes you may hear your soul’s voice speaking to you, sometimes you may not. That’s okay. Be open and listen. And if you fall asleep, so be it.


Tuning into our soul’s voice is not just something we can do during meditation. Of course, through the practice of meditation, it gets easier to tune into our soul’s voice in every day situation.

I do want to point out one thing though. Expressing our authentic self doesn’t mean that we can be rude, disrespectful, unprofessional or blunt to other people even with our right for freedom of speech. When we start complaining, it’s like we are throwing trash at other people and expect them to pick it up for us.

Be responsible and clear up your own trash (aka only you can clear your negative energy). Remember whatever energy you project out to the world, that is what you will receive in return. And when we start to project our negativity to other people, that is probably not coming from our soul’s voice.

But, refrain from judging and getting angry at yourself. Take a pause, and reflect on what has triggered you. Why are you feeling the way you feel? Whatever is going on at the outside is just a reflection of what’s going on inside.

Have fun exploring these and other practical ways when your soul’s voice is helpful to you in your daily life. The more we practice and integrate it in our daily life, the more we find it easier to do so in every aspect of our lives.


Want to learn how to tune into your soul’s voice and express your true authentic voice through the practice of writing?

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Do you have any other practical ways where you find tuning into your soul’s voice is helpful to you?  

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