Top 9 Tips to Start Decluttering Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

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“It is about understanding the consciousness
behind all your choices and
using that power to change your life.”
~ Xorin Balbes, author of “SoulSpace” (@xorinbalbes)

Following this lunar cycle’s card reading’s theme on decluttering and self-renewal (check out my lunar card reading blog here), in today’s blog I want to share with you my top 9 tips to help you get started on decluttering physically, mentally and emotionally.

You can use the affirmation “I have all the support I need” to help you with this process. Remember you are not here to do everything alone.

So let’s get started!

Physical Declutter

It’s time to do some cleaning and decluttering! Begin with the space where you meditate in. It’s important to keep your meditation space a sacred sanctuary for your soul.

Start with one space at a time. You don’t have to finish everything in one go. Take your time. Honor and acknowledge any emotions arising, as we do attach a lot of feelings and our sense of identity to our belongings.


1.Declutter with Marie Kondo

Image source:

Personally, I love the KonMari method for decluttering. There is so much spiritual wisdom in the work she shares. Her philosophy can be applied to any other aspects in our lives. Treat your space and belongings with love and respect. Do the objects in your home or office spark joy in your life? If the answer is no, then it’s time to say thank you and let the object go respectfully. If you’d like to learn more about the KonMari method, I highly recommend reading her books below or visit her website here.

Book: “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo

Book: “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo

2. Create Your Soul Space

Image source: Soul space created by Denise Langan at

What is a Soul Space? In the book “SoulSpace” by Xorin Balbes, he writes eloquently that a Soul Space can “reflect who you are, what you love, where you want to go, and who you will become. Your home can be your greatest support, inspiring you daily and reminding you of your deeper desires.”

It’s great for our space to be free of clutter, but it also needs to feel inspiring to you. The state of our home is a mere reflection of our inner world.

Xorin Balbes shares that there are eight stages to help transform where you live as a place with possessions into a true home that inspires you. You can learn about these 8 stages in his book or in the below article.

Book: “SoulSpace: Inspiring Personal Transformation Through Conscious Home Design” by Xorin Balbes 

Online Article: Susan Casey, “8 Steps to Make Your Home a Stress-Relieving Sanctuary”, April 2013, The Oprah Magazine:

3. Get professional help

Image source: Meditation corner created for a client by Denise Langan at

Sometimes we need support from others and that is totally okay. In fact, I highly encourage anyone to seek help when you feel stuck. You don’t need to do everything alone.

Decluttering and throwing out things is not as easy as it seems. We hold emotional attachments to our belongings and possessions, which makes it hard to let go. Consider your wedding dress that holds the memories of your big day, but you know you won’t get to wear it anymore. Or how about gifts from others that you don’t get to use but feel bad throwing away?

Some of you may have met my friend Denise through our Museflower Soul Sharing Circle back in June 2020 where she shared how to create a soulful sanctuary at home. Denise is a soul space creator and feng shui consultant currently based in Scotland. She helps women to identify and remove blocks when it comes to decluttering their space.

Denise currently offers a free space clearing meditation through her website, and you can book a free discovery call with her for a soul space assessment. Here is her website below.

Imrama Space by Denise Langan –

Mental Declutter

 The easiest way to start some mental decluttering is through meditation. As we meditate, we learn to observe our thoughts and we become more mindful of our thoughts throughout the day.

Use your journal as a safe space to express any thoughts and feelings arising. There were times when I thought there wasn’t much to write, but when I started to put my pen down, words just flowed out. Journaling is also a great way to help process and clarify our thoughts.

4. Follow a Guided Meditation

Follow a guided meditation with Museflower

Not sure where to get started with meditation or running out of ideas? Check out our free guided meditations posted in our Museflower’s youtube channel here.

I also enjoy Headspace, a meditation app co-founded by former monk Andy Puddicombe. Recently I’ve also been watching “Headspace Guide to Meditation” on Netflix and following his guided meditation in the evenings. I love how Headspace uses animation to clearly explain what meditation is and how our minds work. Headspace offers free mini meditations in the app and also on their website.

5. Practice Judgment Detox

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Our minds constantly place judgments on ourselves and others. Am I doing this right or wrong? And a lot of times the judgments are negative. We tell ourselves that we are not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, beautiful enough, etc. And we also judge others by jumping to conclusions.

Judgment brings resentment and bitterness. Judgment closes our hearts and minds. Judgment places us in a victim role, whether we are pointing the finger to ourselves or others.

If you feel that you are constantly comparing yourself with others, criticizing yourself, or feel like why life is happening to you instead of for you, I recommend you to check out Gabrielle Bernstein’s book on “Judgment detox”. In her book she guides you on a 6-step process on practicing judgment detox with spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, and other metaphysical teachings. You can also learn more about judgment detox in her interview video with Lewis Howes here.

Book: “Judgment Detox: Release the Beliefs that Hold You Back from Living a Better Life” by Gabrielle Bernstein

6. Use Bullet journaling

Photo by Estée Janssens Unsplash

Bullet journaling is a practical way to get your thoughts organized. I’ve learned the basic tricks of bullet journaling from a colleague and a free bullet journaling tutorial video here.

My own bullet journal is pretty simple. It saved the day when I used to scribble my to-do list on pieces of papers, and various topics on different notebooks. Now I only have one notebook and all my notes are organized in one place.

Emotional Declutter

Emotional decluttering goes hand with hand with mental decluttering. I find the best way to start is through journaling as well.

Sometimes I feel like there are emotions coming up, but I tend to keep them at bay until I have the proper time and space to sit down and to process them.

When the time is right, give yourself the permission to feel and embrace your emotions. Express all your honest feelings and emotions through journaling. This is especially important to do when you are going through any changes or transitions in your life.

Recently I’ve just moved houses. Even though the two houses were literally next to each other, I felt there was underlying uneasiness within me. I had been living in my old house for seven years since the beginning of building Museflower.

The old house held a lot of precious memories for me, such as when I first met my husband, where he proposed, and it was also where we were raising our son since he was 4 months old. Even though I was moving to a bigger and newer house, there was a part of me that felt sad to leave the old house. In the evening when I had some quiet alone time, I journaled to process my emotions. Through this process, I then knew what I had to do for myself to help the transition smoother.

7. Take Flower Essences

Flower essence consultation with Tania at Museflower Retreat & Spa

Flower essences are a vibrational remedy that work on our subtle energies to help balance our emotions. In fact, flower essences had been the key to guiding me here to Chiang Rai, healed me and inspired me to name this place Museflower. I’ve had the opportunity to learn how to use Bach Flower Essences as a trained practitioner, but flower essences are really easy and safe to use for everyone.

If you’ve never used flower essences before, just for the first time you may want to find a trained practitioner who can give you a consultation. A lot of times flower essences are used within healing sessions, like I do in my 60-minute Intuitive Healing session that I offer at Museflower.

Katie Hess, founder of Lotus Wei who’s based in the US, creates beautiful flower essences and provides flower essence education programs and consultation services. I’ve read her book “Flowerevolution” and has tried some of her essence spray before. I’ve never met her personally but I think she is doing an amazing job and is a true Lightworker. If you’re interested about flower essence products, be sure to check out the sites below:

Lotus Wei:

Healing Herbs (to order Bach Flower Essences) in UK only:

Book: “Flowerevolution – Blooming into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers” by Katie Hess and Louie Schwartzberg

8. Perform a Simple Ceremony

Photo taken at Winter Magic Week in Dec 2020 with Susanna Eduini performing a Winter Solstice ceremony

I’ve never paid much attention to ceremonies until I came across Sandra Ingerman’s “The Book of Ceremony”. I’ve always thought that ceremonies need to have specific steps that we must follow for it to work, so we need to learn the steps properly from a teacher. For some ceremonies, that is definitely the case.

However, as I’ve learned from Ingerman’s book and my own experience, we can create easy ceremonies for ourselves based on our intuition and guidance we receive from our spiritual support team.

Ceremonies are a great way to connect our being deeper to with the energetic forces of Nature and the Universe. It is like food to our soul.

Before I moved to my new house, I created a simple ceremony just for myself to express gratitude to my old house and to say good bye. I’ve also used fire ceremony many times to release any limiting beliefs and old stories that no longer serve me.

I highly recommend reading Sandra Ingerman’s “The Book of Ceremony”  for more guidance.

Book: “The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred in Everyday Life” by Sandra Ingerman

9. Be Vulnerable & Let Mother Earth Hold You

Photo taken at Museflower Life Festival in October 2018

A lot of times we feel that we need to be “strong” emotionally, and by strong we don’t allow ourselves to cry or express any other negative emotions in front of other people.

One of the very frequent words I’ve heard when people are grieving is “Stay strong”. Though it is coming from the best intention, sometimes staying strong implies that we need to stop being emotional.

It is important to find a balance between action and feeling. In our current world, we tend to act only and forget to feel. So it is essential for our emotional health to take a pause and just embrace whatever emotions are coming up. And know that you are not alone, even if the wave of emotions seem so huge that you feel like you are being engulfed by the entire ocean.

Let Mother Earth, the Divine Mother, the Sacred Feminine hold and cradle you. Lay all your good, bad, and ugly on Her. She can take it all. In fact, if you observe Nature, there is no waste. Everything in Nature including manure can be transformed into something useful.

Imagine releasing your emotions to Mother Earth. Imagine Her holding you gently like you are a new-born baby. Imagine Her slowly taking away your tears and pain. Talk to Her. Let Her take away all your suffering. And thank Her, for all her nurturing support afterwards.

Try this free Earth Pulsing spiritual practice by Rebecca Campbell, spiritual teacher and author I follow

Book: “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead” by Brene Brown